One of the most fantastic things of your internship China experience is to enjoy the natural scenery of China! and the best places to start your winter adventure is Xiling snow mountain.


Most Popular Spot for Winter Sports

If you are thinking of bringing some fun to your winter internship in Chengdu, you should definitely visit Xiling mountain. The name  ”Xiling “(western mountain)is taken from the poem of well-known poet Du Fu. It can meet all your demands for snow sightseeing and snow sports. The ski resort at Xiling Snow Mountain is the most popular spot for winter travel in southwest of China and attracts thousands of visitors every year. There are many skiing competitions and popular skiing events.

Tip1: it is a bit hard to book a room during the peak season and long holidays it’s better to book a room in advance before heading off.


It’s a Four-season Tourist Destination as well

Xiling Snow Mountain is the highest mountain in Chengdu (altitude: 5353 meters). With bright mountain flowers in spring, cool temperatures in summer, red maple leaves in autumn and diverse snow sports in winter, Xiling Snow Mountain has been classified as a spot suitable for traveling in all seasons.

Tip2: Major attractions at the mountain include the Sun and Moon Platform, the Yin Yang Boundary, the Sea of Clouds, and the Sunrise.


Not close but convenient to reach during your internship in Chengdu

100 kilometers away from Chengdu, Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County. It’s very convenient to drive to there while international interns can take the bus from Xinnanmen or Chadianzi bus station to the Scenic spot directly. It will only take around 1 and a half hours. The ticket is around 30-35rmb.


Enjoy the skiing at a cheap price during your internshipin Chengdu!

The entry ticket is from 30rmb for off season while 80rmb for peak season. It only takes 100rmb for 1-hour skiing and 50rmb more for every 1 more hours. It must be the most reasonable price for interns in China who want to enjoy skiing and relax from their internship!

If you a fan of snow sports or you are fond of snow scenery, Xiling mountain must be the best choice for you to have fun during your winter internship in China!