What do you eat in China for breakfast?

Being on an international internship, especially one in China, can be a very interesting and truly admirable experience. But aside from the cultural differences, you will also see that Chengdu and just about all of China for that matter have a variety of food types that you can check out, all of which are quite different when compared to what we can see in the west. However, it’s important to note here that China did manage to become more westernized, atleast in the past few decades.

When you are coming for an internship in China you don’t really need to be worried because here you can find a blend of Chinese and western food that make the entire experience refined and filled with quite a lot of interesting opportunities.

If you are still unclear in regards to the food for breakfirst that you can check out here, we have created a list with some of the best foods which will offer you a diverse, great time during your international internship.

Deep fried bread stick

youtiao What makes this food great for any person that has an internship in China is the fact that aside from looking great, it’s also nutritious and easy to create on your own. Most of the shops in China have these and the same can be said about restaurants, so it can be very easy to get this cool meal immediately, without any hassle. This food has proteins and it will also quench your hunger for quite some time which is a major plus.

Soybean milkQQ截图20160129153037

Soybean milk is widely popular in Chengdu and for most persons going in an international internship. The main reason behind that is because you can easily drink it alongside anything you want and doing so is just a pure pleasure! It also has tons of great health benefits which surely make it one of the best foods out there if you want to relax as well as nurture your body.


noodlesYou can’t have a Chinese themed breakfast or meal without some noodles. As you might expect, these are very nutritious and bring in front some really niceopportunities for you to alleviate your body. This is by far one of the best choices that you can make if you want a simple food during your internship in China, but rest assured that it will be well worth it.


porridgeIf you don’t know that already, Porridge is made by boiling ground, crushed or chopped starchy plants. It’s served in a hot bowl and it’s delicious, not to mention that it can take the role of soup in many situations. It’s a delicate meal and one that won’t place a lot of pressure on your body, that’s for sure, as it’s very easy to ingest and eat as a whole!



baoziBaozi is one of the day to daymeals for many in the region, and you can actually find various types of baoziduring your internship in China. From CharsiuBau to GoubuliBaozi, Xialongbao, Tangbaozi, Doushabao, Lotus seed bun and many others, Baozi does offer a massive variety and that makes the entire experience wellworth it.From Yangzhou to Shanghai, Chengdu or even Hong Kong, all of these regions offer a miraculous, great scenery with various types of Baozi such as the ones listed above.

Chinese pita bread
roujiamoChinese pita bread is very popular and you will definitely eat it during your international internship. It’s nice, refined and it does bring in front quite a lot of interesting tastes to say the least. The natural appeal and taste that it provides, combined with the uniqueness of the entire experience makes the Chinese pita bread one of the best types of bread you will ever eat, so if you are during an internship in China, you should totally give it a shot.


Bread and milkbread

The bakery industry has flourished in China in the past decade, mostly due to the increasing demand, and this only bring great things for the customers just because it brings in front so many possibilities and extraordinary results. There are tons of bakeries spread all over the cities, all of which with their own set of interesting meals, so you can rest assured that the entire experience will be refined and truly impressive each time.

As you can see, there are numerous types of meals you can try out during your internship in China, so don’t hesitate and give them a try. From Chengdu to Shanghai, all regions in China will offer you a great set of meals, so don’t hesitate and immerse yourself in both the local food and culture, you will surely appreciate the uniqueness of the entire experience and you will want to come back again!