Chinese winter can be a rough. If you are doing your internship in China now, how to warm up your winter in China? Eating hot pot to against the cold weather? No, it’s not enough! Soaking in the hot Springs must be the best choice! Yet, where to find the best places for hot springs?


Yufu Guodu Hotel

Located in WenJiang District, Yufu Guodu Hotel is a mainly leisure-oriented large-scale garden-type natural hot spring hotel, with indoor and outdoor spa, crescent swimming pool and other dozens of hot spring pool.

Average Price: 128RMB/person

Address: No.1 Section Four Wenquan Avenue, Wenjiang District, Chengdu

How to get there: Take metro line 4 and get off from Machangbei station get off from D exit transfer to bus 347 and get off at骑士大道锦绣大道站.


Herijun SPA –hot spring inside the city.

The “He Ri Jun Healthy Cure with Hot Spring” is located close to the city center. It’s just next to the subway station of “Ni Jia Piao”. Besides hot spring, they also offer different types of massage at a reasonable price. If you don’t have time to travel far from the city as you are busy with your internship, Herrijun hot spring can be a nice choice.

Average Price: 128RMB/person

Address: No.88 South Jingjusi Street, Chengdu

How to get there: Take metro line 1 and get off at Ni Jia Piao station.


Qingchengdao Hot Spring.

It’s a large thermostatic in door hot spring, ecological, leisure, unlimited fun. There are 50 open hot spring pools. It’s a good place to liberate physical stress and relax from your internship.

Average Price: 158RMB

Address:No.88, Qingchengshan Avenue, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu

How to get there: take high-speed train(10RMB) at North railway station or Xipu station and get off at Qingchengshan station. Then walk or take a taxi to there.


The town of hot spring- Huashuiwan

Huashuiwan town is surrounded by mountains and there are 21 different hot spring pools such as petal poor, and medical pool, etc.It contains more than a dozen beneficial trace elements, has the health value, can promote and improve the body circulation and microcirculation. If you want visit some other place out of the city during your internship in Chengdu, Huashuiwan is one of the best options for you.

Average Price: 100RMB

Address: Huashuiwan, Dayi County

How to get there: Take the bus(20RMB) from Chadianzi bus station to Dayi and take the bus(32RMB) from Dayi to Huashuiwan.

If you haven’t got a plan for new year holiday yet, why not head to one of these places above to soak in the best hot spring and warm up your winter internship in China!