What is that ? How does it work?And why should this interest me in order to make my internship in China?

VPN means Virtual Private Network, in China we use it in order to log in our usual websites like google, YouTube, Facebook, twitter as they are impossible to reach without a VPN. So you’ll need one as much on your phone as your computer in order to use your favorite social networks.

How does the VPN works? To make it simple the VPN will change the IP(internet protocol) of your computer, and by going in another server your computer will work like if it still at your country as he might be in the Philippines then Mexico or Belgium depending of the server you choose. As a result, you’ll be able to go everywhere you want on the internet.

But one thing you have to be aware of is that VPN won’t necessarily make your connection faster here in China.

One important thing! It’s better to purchase your VPN before being in China in order to not struggle to get one once you’re here and try it to make sure it works, you can even go on Chinese server if you want to have an overview of what you can’t search on Chinese internet.

The next big question is: Which VPN should I get?

There’s free VPNs and Paid ones.

ASTRILL:You might meet on the internet ASTRILL; this VPN is a paid one. One day might work perfectly, but it will be the first victim of servers’ shutdown when special events happen in China. And There’s nothing more annoying to pay and purchase a VPN and not being able to use it and the only thing you’ll get is a message to apologize for the disturbance and that they obviously try to fix that. When you purchase this vpn you can use it as well on all your other devices

Express: This VPN is as well a paid VPN. I believe that it works better than Astrill against sudden servers shutdown.  You can as well use your account for your other devices.

Pandapow: Paid one. Seems to be the best between the three ones announce earlier.

Betternet: FREE VPN and it works well, you can use it on all your devices. I would advise you to start with this one! And if you’re not satisfied go for a paid one see if it’s better for you.

TotalVPN: I don’t have a personal experience of that VPN but seems to be well ranked.

Cyberghost: Same as above. Note that depending the servers some are faster than others, but well is just a question of checking that.

Personally no matter which VPN I used until now, the servers that works the best for me are Korea, Japan, Belgium or some in USA.

I believe you’re now ready to keep using internet in China and have a wonderful internship experience in China.