Brief Introduction of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy

The Dragon Boat Festival is around the corner, so we will have holiday again! Are you looking for some special experiences during your internship in China? There’s an unique place in Sichuan province where you can see thousands of red houses and the world’s largest active Tibetan Buddhist Academy.

The academy is called Larong Wuming Buddhist Academy which belongs to Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism, with an elevation at around 3700 meters. Thousands of red wood houses built on the hill, spectacularly converged like a red river for several miles.

Spectacle Scenery of “Red River”

Standing on the hillside under the azure sky, surrounded by green fields, you can appreciate the most shining highlight of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, namely, the grant view of countless little cabins. You will feel peaceful in your heart when you look at all this amazing small red houses. It will be a great experience during your whole internship in China!

Splendid Night View

At night when all the apprentices stay in their own cabins, all the light lit. At this time, you can see the whole academy is extraordinarily glorious. Every cabin is like a shining colorful star surrounding the golden and silver temples, roads with sparkling golden and blue lights crossing the academy. The splendid nigh view makes Larung Gar Buddhist Academy an attractive photographic scenic spot.

Some Tips for your journey

  1. It is very wet and often cold in Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, so
  2. take enough clothes there. Especially from Oct. to Mar., the temperature is around 10 degree below zero. Take your raincoat, umbrella, anti-slip shoes for the frequent rain.
  3. Since it takes a dozen hours to get to the academy and the bus seldom stops on the halfway, it is suggested to drink less.
  4. The Buddhist Academy has an altitude of more than 4,000 meters. Take commonly used medicines to deal with urgent cases, like altitude stress, fever, etc. Clinic is accessible in the academy.
  5. Take a camera to record the precious moments but do not focus on photography too much, because it is more important to experience the view and Buddhist culture of the academy. It’s very important to obey the local rules and customs while photographing, especially when in a solemn situation in your internship in China.
  6. Obey the disciplines in the academy, for example, no alcohol, no smoking, no fighting, etc.

Do you find any place to go for your holiday? Let’s go to Larong Wuming Buddhist Academy to see the red houses and listen to a Buddhist lesson during your internship in China. I believe it will be really unforgettable.