Having an internship experience in China can be a fantastic opportunity for getting involved in Chinese history. Except tasty food, pandas and relaxing teahouses, Chengdu is also known for its long history. Therefore, the Martial Marquis Memorial temple (Wu Hou Ci) is a your must-go historical sites, which is used to commemorate one strategic adviser named Geliang Zhu in the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.


After the end of the Han dynasty, there was a long period of civil wars within mainland of China, and it finally formed three main military powers (Wei, Shu and Wu), which was called the period of Three Kingdoms.

At that time, Geliang Zhu was the main strategic advisor of Shu. Due to his outstanding intelligence and uses of some famous strategies, Geliang Zhu finally assisted Bei Liu in establishing the regime of Shu. Chengdu was the place where the Shu regime established, and thus even today you still can hear some people call Chengdu as “Shu City”.


There was a famous historical story that has passed through for thousands of years between Geliang Zhu and Bei Liu. Before the establishment of Shu, Geliang Zhu was a well-known strategic advisor, but he did not want to involve in civil wars and refused several invitations to being a minister. Unlike most people, after the first rejection, Bei Liu visited Geliang Zhu twice again to persuade him. Finally, Geliang Zhu agreed to serve Bei Liu, and Geliang Zhu dedicated all his life to Bei Liu and Shu regime. Although Shu finally perished after the death of Bei Liu and Geliang Zhu, the story and relationship between Bei Liu and Geliang Zhu have been passed generation by generation. In order to commemorate Geliang Zhu’s contributions to Shu and his loyalty to Bei Liu, the Martial Marquis Memorial Temple was built to bury Geliang Zhu and Bei Liu.


Now you know these stories behind the building, so maybe it is time for you to plan next trip to the Martial Marquis Memorial Temple during your internship in China or a visit in Chengdu.