So many places nice to travel, when you are doing your internship in China! And especially Chengdu and the area of Sichuan have a bunch of it. In our last articles we already introduced some of them like Leshan, Jiuzhaigou, Kangding or Emeishan. Today, we will introduce another place, which is a good destination for a more relaxed trip and also perfect, if you only have a normal weekend and want to get out of the city on a Sunday while doing your internship in China.


DSC_7609Dujiangyan (都江堰) is a water irrigation system very near in the north to Chengdu and a very good example for the amazing art of engineering in ancient China. Dujiangyan was built around 250 BC during the Qing-Dynasty by the ancient Chinese architect Li Bing and his son. It is the oldest water irrigation system of the world and is working until today. Li Bing invented another method to control the flood of the Min River without using a dam. Thanks to this irrigation system, which not only brings irrigation to the plain of Chengdu, but also controls the floods, Chengdu gets it’s name “Land of Abundance”.


DSC_7885Around the irrigation system, there are two temples, which are built in honour to Li Bing, the architect of the water irrigation project and his son. One of them is the Erwang Temple (二王庙) and the other one is the Fulong Temple (伏龙观). If it happen, that you are at the Erwang Temple during the lunch time and be vegetarian or just appreciate good food, you can eat at the temple as much as you want for just 15 ¥. The refill is for free. When getting out of the scenic area, there is a nice street with old buildings, where you can go for some shopping or try some local specialities.


You can reach Dujiangyan either by taking the train or the bus. Going by train is more recommendable than going by bus as it will take you with 30 – 45 minutes less time and also will cost less with a ticket price of 15 ¥. You should by the train ticket one day in advance as the train tickets are especially in the holiday times sold out very quick. The train is departing from Chengdu Train Station (成都站).


If you are not one of the lucky ones, who get a train ticket, you can also go by bus. The busses depart several times the day from Chadianzi (茶店子) and the ride will take about one hour. Some of the busses will directly stop on front of the scenic sight. Some other busses or the train won’t stop directly in front of the entrance so it might be possible, that you have to take another bus or a taxi from the bus or train station.


The entrance for the scenic sight is 90 ¥. Also here it’s worthwhile to bring your student card, if you have one, as you will only have to pay half of the ticket price in this case.