Useful Apps during your internship

When doing internship and living in China, it would be a little bit difficulty to communicate with the locals at the beginning. I would like to introduce 2 good applications, which might be helpful.

Sometimes we do find ourselves in a bit tricky situations (at a restaurant, perhaps), where all of the menu mainly is in Chinese, and we could try out our luck and just pinpoint some random choice and hope for the best.

If, of course, you would like to know what’s written in the menu, there is one handy application, which can be used offline, just like Pleco, meaning, wherever you might go, you will have a trusty translator (which may not translate 100% perfectly, but you will get the main idea behind the sentence), the name of the application:

1) WayGo
waygoIt works quite simply – you use your camera to centre the Chinese characters into the small square like box, and translation will slowly appear. With function „Freeze” the desired frame will stop and will be much clearer. And good thing about these translations is that they will be saved in your history, so if you have an urge to see what you have ordered before, but have forgotten – you can easily seek in in the history. And also under the sentence you are translating, a pinyin will also be displayed, on how to pronounce it correctly.

2) ChineseSkill
Application on learning specifically only Chinese (but works similarly to Memorise or Duolingo). It uses innovative ways, to remember the words or sentences easier, repeating it more times, and giving a possibility to structure the sentence differently, but by using the same words.chinese skill

Also pictures are given, thus making it easier to remember each word, which is given. It covers a lot of the topics – ranging from numbers, foods, nature and advancing to even more difficult levels, which can be used by people, whose Chinese skill is already advanced, but want to develop it further – by using this application it is possible to learn around 1000+ key words and daily phrases. And this is coming from a beginner as well, but by using this application, it did become a lot easier, and also you are able to get the hang on the tones and the sound (as we all know, that you need to be careful, when you try to pronounce specific words)

Written by Rihards Jammers, intern at the Wydham Hotel Chengdu.

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