Unique dumpling Party for international interns in China

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Are you looking for different activities to do on weekends during your internship in Chengdu? Do you want to know more about Chinese Cuisine?  Here comes a piece of good news if  you love Chinese Dumpling!  A well-known dumpling party will be available for foreign interns in Chengdu where you can learn how to make Chinese dumplings and enjoy delicious Chinese food on Saturdays at Dumpling House at Lazybones Hostel.

About Chinese Dumpling

Chinese people call dumpling “Jiaozi” in Chinese. As one of the most traditional and popular dishes in China, Dumplings are easy to make and enjoyable to eat. Dumpling is made from a round wrapper, folded in half and filled with ground pork/ beef/ shrimp. Of course, you can also use other fillings such as vegetables. After wrapping dumplings, you can boil, steam or pan-fry them and enjoy the tasty food. If you haven’t tried dumplings before, do not miss it while doing an internship in China

Dumpling Party @ Lazybones Hostel

International Hostel Lazybones is holding the dumpling party in Chengdu every Saturday from May 12. If you are interested in this activity, you can contact them and join their dumpling party which would be a great opportunity to make friends with young people from different countries during your internship in China.


Activity Schedule: 7 PM-21 PM, Saturdays from May 12, 2018 – July 28, 2018

Cost: RMB 38 per person

Address:  Lazybones Hostel, No. 2 Xinghui Road West, Jinniu District, Chengdu

Transportation: Take Subway line1 from “Tianfu Square” metro station, alight at “Wenshu Monastery” metro station, take exit K. alight at “Wenshu Monastery” metro station (2 stops), take exit K. Walk along the main avenue towards “Wanfu Bridge”(万福桥). You will find “Xinghui West Riverside Road”(星辉西滨河路) right after crossing the bridge and “Xinghui Road West”(星辉西路)about 50m away ahead of you. Turn right either from “Xinghui West Riverside Road” or “Xinghui Road West” and keep walking on this road till reach at “Taiyiminsheng Mansion” (台谊民生大厦)at No.2, Xinghui Road West(星辉西路2号).


How to make a reservation:

  1. Add WeChat: 13881114587
  2. Prepay the ticket RMB 38 per person to reserve your spot

It will be great fun if you go with your friends. Do Not hesitate to take the advantage of doing internship in China to know more about Chinese cuisine which would be the best way to explore Chinese culture!


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