When the temperature drops because of the rain, people will suggest “Let’s go to eat hot pot.” Or when you’re feeling blue, your coworker at internship in China will say, “All difficulties can be solved if you eat hot pot”. Promenading along Chunxi Road, you’ll find one hot pot restaurant every hundred meter. You must be very curious what drives people in Chengdu crazy about hot pot?

Hot Pot from the Capital of Shu

It is a traditional Chinese custom to cook food in a pot. People living in Sichuan are fond of spicy foods and strong flavor, but it was not until the Ming and Qing dynasties when peppers were introduced to China. After being soaked up and transformed by the people, the pepper started to appear in cooking as a relish. Initially, the salt workers in Zigong and the boat laborers along the river enriched this kind of cuisine by putting beef slices, Sichuan peppers, and chili into a boiling soup and cooking the ingredients thoroughly. Thus, Sichuan spicy hot pot was gradually formed.

The Growth of Hot Pot

It took long time for hot pot restaurants to grow in size and popularity to the scale they are today. In the 1980’s, the hot pot industry in Chengdu started to expand. In the 1980’s, Re Pen Jing Hot Pot was opened in Xinnanmen, which became popular and might be regarded as the starting point of the local modern industry. Over 30 years later, the hot pot industry in Chengdu is flourishing and the market competition has become fiercer than ever. The flood of hot pot tumbles out into the market like spicy hot soup splashing recklessly out. In 2018, local hot pot has already spread across the country, and some of them have even gone global, making hot pot a typical Sichuan cuisine with strong momentum on its way out into the world. If you have internship in China , you must taste the world-class food!

Boiling the World

In accordance with data provided by the China Catering Report 2017, hot pot accounted for 22% of the overall restaurant industry. There are 300,000 hot pot restaurants in China, and it is never too much to call it the “No.1 Top Delicacy in China”. At the end of 2017, Chengdu launched the 2nd Chengdu Hot Pot Culture Month.

According to the statistics of Chengdu Catering Profession Association, during that month, tens of thousands of hot pot restaurants in Chengdu received millions of consumers. If you are doing an internship in China , just come to Chunxi Road to feel the good atmosphere!


Moreover, the hot pot industry has spawned many relevant industries as well, such as seasonings and ingredients suppliers, greatly promoting the economy. Continuous integration, innovation, and derivation – perhaps this is the hot, delicious hot pot spirit in Chengdu. Start your internship in China! Taste Chinese food, and learn about Chinese culture:)[/fusion_text]