Moving around in a huge Chinese city can be a challenge, millions of people who are getting from here to there each day are not making it easy for a new intern in town but once you get used to the rhythm you will find out that things are pretty much in order and it’s not that hard to find your way.

Let’s check out transportation facilities in Chengdu that you may be using during your internship in China:


Two airports


Chengdu airport

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the fourth largest airport in China and the busiest airport in the central and western regions of China.

It’s located on the south-west edge of Chengdu, around 30mintes driving distance from city center. Inside the airport, you can see everything in both English and Chinese, the environment is very clean and organized. When getting out from the gate, you can find the Taxi stand is right there.

As an international airport, there are more and more international routes opening every year. It’s possible right now to fly directly to Chengdu from many capitals in Europe and North American which makes its more easy and cost effective for international interns to choose Chengdu as their internship destination.

At the same time, another airport in Chengdu is under construction and will come into use in 2018. That would be more convenient for international business and travel.


4 train stations

Besides airplane, train is also very convenient and easy to access Chengdu. There are 4 train stations in Chengdu. 3 for passenger and 1 for freight transport. They can almost help you to get to any city you want to visit during your internship.

North railway station is the oldest one and for long distance tour like from Chengdu to Beijing or shanghai while east railway station is most for short distance tour like from Chengdu to Chongqing or Guiyang. If you want to go to some tourist areas in Sichuan such as Emei Mountain and Qing Chengdu Mountain -, South railway station would be the best choice for you.


12 bus stations

Taking bus is another good option for you to travel around during your internship in China. 12 bus stations in Chengdu is the assurance of passenger traveling and every bus station is very easy to reach with subway or public bus.

Most of the operating hours of the bus station are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. which can surely meet passengers’ needs.

Xinnanmen bus station (Chengdu tourism passenger transport center) is the best option for tourist. It has more 25 lines to different tourist places such as Leshan(with the largest Budda in the world), Emeishan( with a temple on the top of the mountain and lots of monkeys) , Jiuzhaigou,(with beautiful natural view, colorful lakes and leaves… ) etc. And you can get there by metro lines 3 or bus no 111, no.115, no.121…


4 metro lines

chengdu-subway-station-panda-avenueThe first metro line built up in 2010 and until now there are 4 metro lines in Chengdu- another 3 new metro lines would be put into service next year.

Inside the subway station you can see the well-organized security check, English signs and guidance will make it easier for you who do not read Chinese to purchase tickets and get on the train.

Metro line 1 from south to north, it passes through North train station, Tianfu Square, Sichuan gymnasium and high tech Zone Station, etc. Line2 from south-east to north-west it passes through chunxi road, people park and east railway station, etc.; line3 from south-west to north-east, it passes through the panda base- a must go place during your internship in China; Line 4 from east to west, it passes through multiple attractions in the City helping tourists to reach scenic area more easily. Until now, the 4 metro lines almost cover all the city’s transportation network.

After coming to Chengdu for your internship, you can really witness firsthand the fast development of its economy and Urban construction through its transportation facilities and get an idea of how almost 15 million people are getting around – have fun !