As the weather is growing colder ,it’s always a challenge for people to go outside.Do you put on your down jackets? No matter how cold it is, you still need to go out and get your friends and family some Chinese souvenirs as it’s almost the end of your internship in China, but what are the best gifts? Check out the tips as below to save yourself time of doing researches!


Chengdu Map

It’s very meaningful to collect the city map,especially the city where you do internship. The map is not only easy to carry but also commemorative.It can recall your days of doing internship in China while reading the map of Chengdu.


Authentic Sichuan hotpot seasoning

Hot pot is the most popular dish in Sichuan province. Local people consider the hot pot as a local specialty, which is famous for its spicy taste and the way of eating.

Interns who are doing internship in Chengddu must have eaten hot pot.Many interns love hot pot.They even remember the taste of the hot pot after returning motherland.If you have friends who loves spicy or like to try new things, do not forget to bring him some hotpot seasonings. It can be one the specialist gifts that you can find in Chengdu during your internship!


Panda doll

As the cutest the animal in the world. Panda won the heart of most of international interns. I believe you won’t miss the opportunity to see the real panda during your internship in China, but how can you share your joy with your family far from China of seeing a real panda?

Although you could never bring a real panda home when finish your internship in China, bring a panda doll for your family and friends can be really sweet as well! No one can resist the most adorable animal from China!


Sichuan opera face-changing doll

Sichuan opera is a type of Chinese opera originating from Sichuan province around 17th century.The most distinctive feature of Sichuan Opera is face changing. Face-changing is a “moment of art”,according to the needs of the story,actors change the different masks in a very short time by raising hands or tossing sleeve during the performance.

Although it’s a pity that you couldn’t watch the show with your friends or family, bring them a face-changing doll can be really lovely.


It’s not possible to bring everything home, but you can bring things, which you think is the most interesting and meaningful for yourself and family. You may feel very loath to leave China but you can keep very good memories and experience you had during your internship!