One of the most important reasons for many international interns for coming to China is to learn and improve Chinese language skills! However, learning a new language is not easy for most people and it can always come with frustration and errors. Here are some most common mistakes learners will make when learning Chinese and the way to fix them!


No. 1 Getting frustrated and giving up….

For most people learning a new language is hard. You will need to invest a lot of time on it after finishing your tasks for the internship. You have to remember a lot of new worlds and grammar! It’s very common for the beginner to get frustrated but it’s also the biggest enemy for Chinese learning.

To avoid getting frustrated while learning Chinese, you should follow these tips:

  1. Starting slow and focus on basics.
  2. Trying to find a language partner from the internship.
  3. Being relaxed and accepting making mistakes when you try to talk in Chinese.


No.2 Ignoring the benefits of technology!

A good teacher can be really important part of learning Chinese. But it can’t be the only method to learn Chinese. Thanks to the rapidly development of technology today, you can have loads of different ways to learn Chinese.

How to take advantage of the technology to learn Chinese more effectively?

  1. Take most of the “boring time” (like waiting in the line or on a subway or bus). There are many good apps such as Memrise, Duolingo, HelloChinese, etc. With these apps, it would be easier to learn Chinese every morning when you are waiting for the bus to your internship.
  2. Use translator apps like google translate to check words you don’t know. It’s also a useful tool to help you communicate with new friends from different countries you meet from the internship in China.


No.3 Holding the idea “Classroom is the best place to learn Chinese”!

A traditional classroom can be a good option for a beginner but it’s not very effective for intermediate level learners. If you’ve reached a certain Chinese level, it would be the best idea ever to combine your internship with Chinese languages learning!

How to learn Chinese on a daily basis during your China internship?

  1. Try to speak Chinese with locals as much as you can during your internship in China
  2. Practice in real-life settings: go out to some restaurants and listen to the way a neighboring table orders food, or common questions asked.
  3. Go shopping and work with Chinese native speakers!
  4. Receive lessons from pop culture: read interesting magazines, watch TV and movies, and listen to the latest music.


People who speak more than one language often have an easier time traveling the world, Multilingual skills can also be valuable for boosting your career. Keep these tips above in mind and get ready to combine your internship in China with your languages learning!