To do an internship in China is not only all about work but also full of interesting adventures. The companies usually offer international interns some days off to visit different cities. However, China is too big and you will never have enough time. No worries, check out the following wonderful places and plan your trip today!



Lakes, canals, and fountains are frequently frozen solid. Ice skating is very popular at the lakes in Beijing’s parks. The nearby sections of the Great Wall remain open to visitors during the wintertime. Tourists enjoy climbing the Great Wall and viewing the winter landscape in peace without the crowds. When you are doing internship in China, I recommend you to visit the Great Wall in Beijing. In winter, you can see rare peaceful scenery of the Great Wall!



The Ice and Snow Festival is undoubtedly Harbin’s most famous attraction, held in Zhaolin Park every winter from January 5th to the end of February. During the festival, the whole park is changed into a world of ice sculptures and lanterns. Fanciful and elaborate ice sculptures in the shapes of animals, plants, buildings or motifs taken from legends sparkle in the frigid air. Beautiful ice sculptures will give you unforgettable memory of your China internship experience.


Sichuan Mt. Emei — Enjoy Emei’s Beauty in Peace

Mt. Emei, in Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, is known for its sweeping cliffs, high reaching peaks, gushing waterfalls, gurgling springs, towering ancient trees and ancient temples. In winter the mountain is very quiet, free from the tourist crowds, allowing winter travelers to enjoy the mountain, which is a blanket of white with a capping of snow-laden trees.Mt. Emei is very close to Chengdu, so if you have an internship in Chengdu, going to Mt. Emei might be a good choice.

China has a vast territory. Apart from the places we recommend above, there are still many places that are not mentioned. You can spend time to make a detailed travel plan during your internship in China. In this way, you can not only get work experience in China, but also discover the charm of different cities in China.