Tea culture is an essential part of Chinese culture. Although coffee is very popular among the young generation in China, you can still find teahouses of high and low levels everywhere in China. Known as the city of teahouse, more than ten thousand teahouses were scattered around Chengdu. Which are the most typical ones to pay a visit? The following teahouses are can’t-miss destinations for interns in China.


Traditional Teahouse- the best place for international interns to gain a deep insight of the local’s leisure life

Bamboo chairs, wooden desk, even broken-edge tea cups, noisy environment, playing poker and mahjong, chatting about vegetables prices even national affair and so on. You can see the most primitive daily lives of Chengdu People there. Enjoy a cup of tea with your friends in this century-old teahouse can help you easily relax from your internship.

Name: Heming Teahouse

Address: Located in People’s park which is easy to reach by taking metro line2


Sichuan Opera-bring more fun to tea drinking

There are many teahouses combines Sichuan opera performance with tea drinking which bring a lot of fun to customers. Drink tea in a teahouse with a careful selection and arrangement of opera as well as venue decoration is a must for every international intern.

Name: Shu Feng Ya Yun

Address: Cultural Park,23 Qintai Road, Chengdu.


The Ancient Chinese Teahouse

Most of the teahouses in the Wide and Narrow Alleys are fancy. However, there is one teahouse which offering something very special. After wondering off the main path you’ll find a quiet, peaceful, humble 200-year-old teahouse. No performances. Nothing flashy. But just staying there for a few minutes you can travel back in time to an ancient China which is a great place to explore Chinese culture and history during your internship in China.
Name: Lao Zhai Yuan

Address: Wide Narrow Alleys, 11 KailuLaozhaiyuan, Chengdu


If you are a fan of tea culture or if you get bored of drinking coffee every day why not pay a visit to one of those great teahouses above during your internship in China?