They show up at the strengthening during the 9:29 and stroll upstairs

A guy try produced so you’re able to Boursicot as the court that will end up being undertaking the investigation, Bruno Laroche. There are even from the an one half-dozen policemen in the flat, as well as Thierry. He looks strained.

Boursicot, while the cops look this new flat, is still maybe not concerned. He cannot understand this it is bringing men such a long time to understand that, but with Shi beside your, they can put his offer right to the woman and it surely will end up being finished for a change.

“We must marry now; this helps all of us when we wed,” according to him so you can Shi, noisy enough to have Thierry to know him.

A few days later, on the July 13, a fairness Ministry spokesman declares medical examination results regarding your accused spy Shi Pei Pu.

Boursicot is actually their mobile, lying over the top bunk, at 8:29 at night as he hears the news for the radio.

To own Half a year Judge Laroche enjoys interrogated Shi and Boursicot individually. Then one early morning, at the conclusion of January, they are requested together with her.

Next, dizzy regarding the medications he had been bringing significantly less than psychological supervision within the prison in addition to harm of what Shi Pei Pu was stating, Boursicot hears Shi lay.

“We never told Bernard I happened to be a female,” Shi says. “I merely give it time to become realized which i is a beneficial woman. At the time I thought I found myself a woman, since i did not have any male genital organs. I experienced a gap — in the event I must say it did not be like or wasn’t the same as you to I’d seen towards a celebrity just after when I became taking off my personal makeup at Beijing theatre.”

Boursicot pays attention so you can Shi relate the storyline of its meeting during the Claude Chayet’s Christmas time class, informing the new court concerning first-time it produced like in the Beijing

A week later, Boursicot and Shi are brought once more up until the judge. The fresh new legal, because the Boursicot recalls, is actually anticipating at this meeting with Shi. He’s lied prior to now, the brand new judge informs your; he has got lied regarding getting a female. Shi will not reject it.

This really is a relationship tale

“I thought France try an effective democratic nation,” Boursicot recalls Shi stating. “Can it be important if i was a guy or a lady?”

Boursicot is actually hearing it out of Shi to your second day: they are a guy. And still, unlike score angry, Boursicot continues to attempt to protect their, opposing an earlier statement he previously generated one to she understood he is actually giving Kang records.

Adopting the interrogation, Boursicot and you will Shi try drawn downstairs to expect transportation to jail. This time they are placed in the same carrying phone.

Boursicot has been told through their solicitors and family members to possess eight months given that Shi is a man. Within the last two weeks, they have read they double away from Shi. He has tried to personal their eyes, but how long can one refuse to discover? Boursicot are standing very near to Shi on mobile they can be as in the event the studies and you may area and you can time are all converging into your and then he does not have any solutions. He has observe.

“So it is true,” Boursicot tells Shi, hearing the words emerge from their lips because if a complete stranger is actually speaking. “You’re a guy.”

And you may Shi does, as quickly given that a person during the a pissoir. The guy reveals their pants and shows themselves to Boursicot to have an excellent few seconds, upcoming shuts their jeans and you will begins chattering, as if brand new operate are out-of no importance after all. The guy informs Boursicot which he might possibly be making prison soon, incase Boursicot is smart and you may have their mouth close and you can pursue their information, he will be able to hop out, as well.