Having an internship in China can be a very interesting experience and one that manages to bring about some extraordinary opportunities all around. No matter if you visit Chengdu or any other place for that matter, you will see that there are plenty of locations which showcase the local cultures, and nothing is more impressive that actually seeing the temples in Chengdu with your own eyes, as that is truly extraordinary and exciting to say the least.

Right off the bat it’s important to note that the temples here can be visited by anyone, so no matter if you are a local or you are in an international internship, you won’t have a problem as the place is open for everyone.

So, if you want to visit the temples in Chengdu during your internship in China, you should understand which are the most interesting and exciting temples to check out. With that in mind we have compiled a list that will help you make the right choice in this regard!

Wuhou Temple (武侯祠)

thThis is the major Shrine of Sichuan’s ancient shut as well as the past heroes that created the Shu Kingdom Legendary all during the Three Kingdoms Period. It’s important to note that this temple is visually stunning and it’s actually divided into three major portions, you have the cultural relics being placed in the Zhaolie Temple, then you have the Wu Hou Temple as well as the Brotherhood Shrine. All of these combined created the Wuhou Temple which is filled with opportunities and relics that you can check out.

The temple is located on the Wuhou Temple Road so you can’t miss it and in the region you can also find the Huanda Shopping Mall as well which is great to visit as well. The colors, visual appeal and the overall organization make this temple one of a kind and you will definitely appreciate it if you visit the temple at least once.

Qingyang Temple (青羊宫)

20140515150357-82792018What you need to note about the Qingyang Temple is the fact that this is one of the largest Daoist temples in China and at the same time it’s also one of the first that were reopened by the government recently. It was created during the Zhou Dinasty and it was actually expanded after quite some time. The temple grounds as a whole aremostly busy and the overall visuals here are truly exciting. At the same time, you will the addition of Daoist training which is fully certified so you can actually try out such a thing if you so desire, which is a major plus right off the bat.
The Qingyang Temple is located in the Caotang Residential District and you can find it on the First Ring Road West, Section 2. It’s a very imposing building so you can’t really miss it at all.

Wenshu Monastery (文殊院)

QQ截图20160223161858The Wenshu Monastery is the large Buddhist monastery that you can find in the north of the Chengdu town and for the past few years it went under numerous renovations. Thankfully, it retains its beauty which is amazing considering the fact that it was built during the Sui dynasty and it’s definitely one of a kind. It retains the beautiful appeal that it always had and the coolest thing is that it offers you all of that at a very inexpensive admission price, an astounding thing considering that this is one of the best places to visit during your international internship. You can find it in the Qingyang District with a metro station being placed in the near vicinity so you can’t miss it for sure.

Daci Temple (大慈寺)

QQ截图20160223162143Daci Templeis a Buddhist temple and its location showcases the true integration of old and new in Chengdu. It’s found near the Everbright Bank and the Sichuan China travel service but it also brings in front some interesting establishments here. As for the temple itself,it’s very old pretty much like the others in the region and it’s characterized by the large open space. It’s one of the best looking buildings in the region and for many it’s an oasis of silence and meditation that can be found right in the middle of this city.

Baoguang Monastery (宝光寺)

QQ截图20160223162236The Baoguang Monastery was created during the Eastern Han dynasty and at the same time it’s one of the largest scale monasteries in the history of Chengdu. It’s also a large complex which includes one tower, sixteen courts and five halls. It’s sheer massiveness makes the Baoguang Monastery one of the best and most interesting monasteries to visit during your internship in China, mainly because it has stunning statues and interesting vistas all around. Even if it’s not quite as old as the other establishments in the region, it still is a refined and truly extraordinary monastery that’s definitely a great visit overall.

As a whole, if you have an international internship and you get to visit Chengdu; don’t miss this amazing temples where you can get a glimpse of old traditional china. So rest assured that visiting them will be one of the best experiences that you might have, give them a shot and you will not regret it.