You can know from the name “Eastern Suburb Memory” it’s the memory of the Old Chengdu. It’s also a place for people to explore the city’s culture and life in the 1950s. It’s a one you should consider checking out, especially when you are having an internship in Chengdu.

A place to explore the charm of industrial sites and the changes of urban development during your internship.

“Retain and Innovation ” is a major feature of the Eastern Suburb Memory 127834498008849756architecture, which combines the planned economy era industrial aesthetics and the function of modern commercial buildings, you can feel both nostalgia fashionable and artistic atmosphere here in Chengdu.

Through the transformation, people can feel the charm of industrial buildings. For example, the large workshop was transformed into a cinema and Theatre; hydrogen tanks up to 16 meters in diameter turn into the visual space; the old building is transformed into the design of the hotel. It is so amazing and cannot be missed while doing your international internship in China.

Relax from your internship by enjoying the music here.

With indoor & outdoor concert areas staging performances to audiences which often number in the thousands, this once suburban factory area, now completely re-worked into a Music & Arts Park for all-age musical fans.

There are various types of music festivals, different styles of band performances; moreover, it’s also the Habitation of many patio bars which besides offering great food & beverages seemingly all provide live music.

Your internship just become more meaningful with some like-minded friends

518435835434849913Eastern Suburb Memory is one of most popular place for young people in Chengdu,especially for music fans! This place attracts people who love music from all countries with a wide variety of musical performances. You can meet some like-minded friends in a small bar or in a record selling store easily.

Never miss it during your internship as it’s a place intermixed with music instrument, craft, and souvenir stores to complete the visitor’s experience, and offer something for everyone.