Taoping Qiang Village is situated in Taoping District, Li County, and it is about 163 kilometers away from Chengdu. Taoping Qiang Village has the most well-preserved architectures of the Qiang People, and retains their pure and primitive cultures. Moreover, the village is the best example of Qiang-style architecture groups and it is called the “mysterious oriental castle” .If you have an internship in China , you must visit this amazing place!

History of Taoping Qiang Village

Founded in 111 BC, Taoping Qiang Village has a history of more than 2,000 years. In the Western Han Dynasty, it was called Guangrong County, serving as an important pass and defense position. Through battles and wars, the village has still survived perfectly. Now, there are 98 households in the village.

Features of Architecture

Taoping Qiang Village has typical Qiang-style architectures and complicated road structure. Also, it is the living fossil of the Qiang-style architectural cultures and arts which are perfectly preserved.

The architectural complex is the integration of stone towers and dwellings. They were constructed with earth, stones, hemp and wood, some of which were constructed only with earth and wood. The solidly built towers and houses are still in good condition after many earthquakes. If you have an internship in China, you can go to see the wonderful architecture!


Taoping Qiang Village seems to be the epitome of the thousand-year history of the Qiang people. The traditional habits have remained unaltered for ages, which are shown by the rural and idyllic life: from the children picking up the apples in the fields to the old men sitting at their gates dressed in the ethnic costumes, from the women embroidering to the men drinking barley wine.



The most important festivals of the Qiang people are: Worshipping the Mountain Meeting and Qiang Year Meeting . The two festivals are held in spring and autumn respectively. In spring, the Qiang people pray for a good harvest and are thankful for the harvest their god gives them in autumn.

The two festivals are essentially connected to farming activities but are always full of a strong religious culture, which demonstrates the brilliance of the ancient culture. Do you want to feel the excitement of the festival?Just have an internship in China !

Qiang-style songs and dances

Qiang-style songs and dances are the main features of Taoping Qiang Village. The Qiang people have been best known for being good at singing and dancing for over 2,000 years. They sing at any time, anywhere, even when they work in the fields. You will regret it if you don’t watch the performances of singing and dancing , so have an internship in China !

Qiang-style songs and dances are connected to subjects such as work, love, worshiping or driving away evil. For songs, there are many singing styles such as solo, antiphonal, and antiphonal singing in groups.Men and women, old and young, all participate in it. Dozens of people, even hundreds of people, sing and dance, creating a heated atmosphere and inviting people to join in.



Traveling in the village, you can have a taste of the food of Qiang Ethnic Group , and appreciate the passionate dancing and singing. Tasting the barley wine, you will feel that you are completely integrated into the history and customs of Qiang Ethnic Group ! You can have an internship in China to see the lovely village!