Wellness Policies, The health Program, and you may Personal Safety

Wellness Policies, The health Program, and you may Personal Safety Exposure and you will Protection Circumstances According to the 2007 National Fitness Questionnaire, 73% of women and you can 89% of men stated they’d ate alcoholic drinks, and you will application was greater during the cities than in rural elements. Smoke application is actually claimed of the six.3% of females and twelve% of men old 15–44. Large distinctions was in fact discover among cigarette smokers, with folks with low levels off education and you may earnings puffing so much more than simply people with high quantities of training and you will earnings. Rather than indicating the sort of medications, 1% of females and you may 5% of men age 15 so you can forty-two accepted they had put medicines at some point in existence. Medical System’s Performance The medical program in the Dominican Republic is comprised of a societal field and you will a private business. The public sector includes brand new Ministry out-of Social Health and Societal Interests, the new Federal Wellness Council, the fresh new Personal Safeguards Treasury, therefore the Federal Health insurance system (which is the prominent social insurer). The private field comes with wellness chance administrators, personal fitness properties providers, and nongovernmental groups (37). The new Ministry off Social Health, the primary personal–provider, have an excellent three–tiered business framework: central, local, and provincial.