Who doesn’t know it? While doing your internship in China, you worked all the week very hard and feel totally exhausted and like you need some rest. A lot of people like to take a rest on Friday evening at the bar with a nice beer. But have you ever think about just to replace your bar stay with a stay at the spa with a nice relaxing massage?

DSCN1270What is very expensive and hard to effort for an intern in Europe, is in fact very cheap and affordable in China. At the “He Ri Jun Healthy Cure with Hot Spring” (何日君温泉水疗) you can already get a 90 minutes foot massage for the price of just 110 RMB. But don’t let yourself tricked by the name, as the massage is not only including the foot, but also the whole body including hands, legs, arms, shoulders and the back. You may also try one of the other several massages, which are offered.


While getting your massage, you can make yourself comfortable in a nice and cosy armchair in a private room and watch some TV. Before getting the massage, the spa will provide you a fresh washed pyjama and will serve you even some free drinks and fruits so you will even feel more comfortable than home! You can even enjoy your massage with your friends as there are private rooms with a different amount of armchairs.

DSCN1274Even after your massage, nobody will rush you to leave the room. Just stay and relax or go explore the rest of the building, for example by help yourself at the free fruit and juice buffet, play some billiard, join the evening entertainment program or take a nap in the sleep cinema. There is also the opportunity to use the sauna or eat at the restaurant for a small extra fee so there are a lot of opportunities to spend even half of a day there.


The He Ri Jun Healthy Cure with Hot Spring is located right next to the Ni Jia Qiao subway station (倪家桥地铁站) in the Ni Jia Qiao Lu (倪家桥路). You may also try one of the several other spas in Chengdu. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your well deserved rest.