Did you smell the flower fragrance every morning those days in Chengdu? Where this good smell does comes from?


Now is the right time to appreciate sweet osmanthus blossoms, the most famous seasonal flower in autumn. Currently, the air of many places in and around Chengdu is perfumed with the blossoms of the delightful legendary plant, bringing a touch of floral mystery.


It’s really wonderful to start a new day’s of your China internship with the fragrance of Sweet Osmanthus . In the best Sichuan tradition, Chengdu locals know how to enjoy life and it’s kind of combination of Western conceptions and Chinese culture. They are grateful for the gift of nature and won’t miss the opportunity to go out and spend a few hours in the parks and tea houses around the city.


As an international intern, you should take example from the local and “ when in Rome –do like the Romans …” – You can have tea and read books or magazines under the evergreen and fragrant trees along the tranquil alleys where you can find small tea houses for example, or in one of the many parks around town.


Where you can go to enjoy viewing the Sweet Osmanthus Blossoms during the autumn internship in Chengdu?


Guihua Xiang (Sweet Osmanthus Alley)
Adjoining to the Wild & Narrow Alleys,just about 1,000-meter long, the alley has long been famous for its unique sweet osmanthus scenery on both sides. It is said that it was called “Orange Osmanthus Alley” in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)


Shou’an Town

Bestowed with mild climate, ample rainfall and fertile soil, the Shou’an Town in Wenjiang District enjoys a favorable natural environment for planting sweet osamnthus trees and is the largest planting base for the plant in southwest China.


What best activity to enjoy the season of Sweet Osmanthus for international interns in China?


Annually, a popular festival themed sweet osmanthus flower is held in the town. During the event, visitors could appreciate sweet osamnthus blossoms, taste food made of the flowers and see movies in the open air.

As the best season for sweet osmanthus is coming while you are right at the best place to enjoy it so why not have a nice weekend with your local friends to enjoy the beautiful and amazing gift given by nature during your internship in Chengdu?