Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, known as SWUFE, is one of the top 3 specialist finance and economic universities in China. SWUFE began enrolling and educating international students since 1996. The university has been ranked one of China’s top 50 universities and #4 amongst Chinese universities for finance and economics.
SWUFE offers a wide variety of study abroad opportunities for international students. From Chinese language courses to business and economics degree studies taught in English.
Apply to study at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu, China.

Sichuan Internships & Immersion Programs will guide you through the admissions process, visa, and travel arrangements- all of this – without any additional fee or cost!


General info

Chinese is the official language in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. It’s the most spoken mother tongue in the world. When you learn Chinese, you can communicate with 875 million people more in the world or in other words – with 20 % of the world population. Furthermore, learning Chinese will boost your cultural awareness and keep your mind active.

The Chinese language origins and structure is very different from what we know in the west, the language had been developed over thousands of years from simple picture based way of communication to a language that combined thousand of characters with different meaning. Therefore, Chinese studies are not easy to learn for foreigners. At the same time, it exposes the learner to a totally different way of thinking and communications.

Why study Chinese at the SWUFE?

– High-qualified teachers: You will be taught by top qualified and mother speaking teachers with great experience teaching Chinese to foreign students.

– Well-equipped classrooms: The University provides well-equipped modern classrooms, to ensure you have the perfect environment for studying.

– Small classes: There are less than 15 students, and usually around 10 in one class. This will ensure the best possible environment for intensive learning.

– Free 1-on-1 tutor: Every student gets one selected tutor free of charge who will personally help you to master the Chinese language.

– additional selective courses: You have the great opportunity to combine your Chinese classes with several additional courses like economy lectures, Chinese cultural classes (martial arts, shadow boxing, calligraphy, etc.), field trips, and a lot more.

– joyful campus life: The university offers various events to make your stay in China unforgettable, like colourful arts/sports activities, evening shows, performances, annual sports tournaments, and many community programs.

– Study in a wonderful city: Studying in Chengdu means living in a historic city with well preserved traditional culture and awesome places to travel. Chengdu offers a high-quality standard of living with surprisingly low living costs.

Are there different kinds of classes for different language skills?

The SWUFE offers different kind of classes for elementary Chinese, intermediate Chinese and advanced Chinese. After an initial placement test, you will be placed in a class, which is suited to your Chinese skill and your personal learning style.

When can I apply?

The application deadline for the Spring Semester beginning in March is the 31st January. The application deadline for the Autumn Semester beginning in September is the 31st July. If you already have some Chinese skills, it’s also possible to enrol mid-semester.

Who can apply?

Every non-Chinese citizen with good health condition over the age of 18, who is interested in the Chinese culture and wants to learn the Chinese language, is welcome to enrol to the Chinese Language Program. Just fill in the attached SWUFE application form below and send it to us. We will contact you to discuss the next steps of your enrolment.

Why enrol through SII?

By enrolling through SII to the Chinese Language Program at the SWUFE, you won’t need to worry about all the bureaucracy. We will hand in your application to the university, guide you through the visa application process, advise you about possible scholarships, prepare your arrival to China and will be here as your personal contact during your stay in China. And the best thing – our services won’t cost you any additional fees. No matter if you are doing all the paperwork on your own or just let us help you, the tuition fee per semester will be the same.

Can I combine the Chinese Language Program with an internship program?

Yes it is! You can either to start with Chinese language course and continue for a professional internship or the opposite. It’s all depends on your duration of stay, arrival date and personal goals.

Tuition fees:

*New students will have a 400 RMB application fee
One Semester – 16 weeks (20 Class Hours/week)
One Semester tuition fees – 6,640 RMB
full year studies fees – 13,280 RMB



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SWUFE Application Form ENG

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