step 3.5. Affairs Associated with the HPV Inoculation Intention

Some degree reported the brand new inoculation speed: roughly dos.4% or 12 of 495 teenagers , about 6.08% or 73 of 1200 , and you will up to % otherwise twenty-six from inside the 140 Koreans and you may 72.9% away from KAs (certainly one of 20 anybody) . The purpose of participants in order to vaccinate themselves try measured from the % and you will 58.4% or step three.61 out-of five . The reason for respondents in order to vaccinate their girl are counted at the 70% and you will 74% , which had been regarding one hundred , and eight.22 of 10 . The new intent to suggest the latest inoculation getting respondents’ students one of Korean school fitness teachers is 5.31 regarding ten . The speed away from researching vaccination advice out of medical care company is actually twenty two.1% and you can % ( Table dos ).

step 3.3. Studies Level

Extremely education counted their knowledge profile. One mentioned literacy having fun with forms assessing HPV training, and this measure is considered as the content top to your aim of it review. The new sized training was ranged; for each and every data made use of different kinds of proportions. Very education made use of sure or no once the solutions, but Kim et al. utilized sure, no, otherwise do not know.

Concerns towards HPV education had been regarding if HPV disease influences both gents and ladies, the process regarding signal from infection, how to avoid HPV, if or not HPV are recovered, whether or not the vaccine is for both men and women, HPV’s relationship with cervical malignant tumors, signs and symptoms of HPV, and age to your inoculation. New reported degree was portrayed once the a portion from best answers and/or portion of players just who answered precisely. All of the percentage of correct solutions was off dos.2% to help you 79.8% . The new stated proper mean ratings have been 3.76 and you may 8.61 from 13, 1.11 of 5 , step 3.fourteen away from 10 , and 4.06 of seven ( Desk dos ).

step 3.cuatro. Attention to HPV

Just as in the information profile, the latest awareness of HPV is varied. The brand new percentage of HPV good sense ranged in one.71% to help you 86.6%. Focus on the fresh new HPV vaccine was higher than new focus on HPV itself, ranging from forty-eight% so you can ninety five.4%. A couple education inquired about focus on an excellent cervical disease vaccine alternatively than just an HPV vaccine, therefore the results varied from 66.3% in order to 84.1% . Regarding studies computing both the attention to HPV itself and the fresh new HPV and you will/otherwise cervical cancer vaccine, the results reported that awareness of the newest HPV and you can/or cervical cancer vaccine is actually more than focus on HPV [13,27,31,31]. You to analysis asked around three more questions relating to HPV good sense: focus on HPV, of one’s HPV vaccine or Gardasil, as well as brand new cervical disease vaccine. The fresh new respondents were extremely alert to the brand new cervical malignant tumors vaccine (66.3%), over of your HPV vaccine or Gardasil (51.9%), fewer than half regarding HPV (forty-eight.1%; Desk 2 ) .

Half a dozen training assessed the standards associated with inoculation intent that with numerous regression ( Table step three ). That investigation are excluded in the synthesis, because the post did not bring detail by detail outcome of the analysis. The people organizations about synthesized abilities was indeed school educators, moms and dads away from daughters, plus the individuals who was indeed eligible to receive the HPV vaccine. Specific education incorporated parameters which were mathematically high inside the single regression although not extreme from inside the multiple regression. While Table step three includes such variables once the a matter of focus, our very own comment uses the brand new several regression performance as a guide section to possess synthesis. Ergo, the outcome that have been significant for the solitary regression yet not inside the numerous regression had been believed Kaynak için tıklayınız insignificant for the reason for it synthesis.

In terms of the those who was basically permitted get the HPV vaccine, the populace is actually high school students and students. Years wasn’t a key point, however, college students got higher vaccination purpose than students . Sexual activity skills, advice of the their parents, and you can thought masters were somewhat of the HPV inoculation motives, but HPV education is contradictory in 2 degree: HPV knowledge are significantly associated with purpose to receive the brand new vaccine in KA college or university women , although it was not significantly with the vaccination purpose certainly one of Korean senior school or students .