Glamorous City Chengdu now is one of the world’s must-see destinations

Chengdu has been selected as one of the world’s 21 must-see destinations. As it is becoming a hot world travel destination, more and more visitors from all over the world are flocking to the city where tradition meets modernity and east meets west. Flocks of tourists have made the hotel industry in Chengdu develop rapidly.

It attracts many world-famous international hotels and gives interns lots of opportunities.

Many 5 star hotels such as InterContinental andKempinski hotel have opened branches in Chengdu because Chengdu is an emerging city. Chengdu is home to huge developmental potential and is in the process to become a first-tier city in China.

As a very popular tourist destination, the city’s cuisine, history, culture, natural landscape, and giant panda sanctuary are very appealing. The relatively slow pace of life here is also a big draw for visitors to the city.Kempinski hotel- Chengdu

You can be a part of the thriving hospitality industry while participating in an internship in China

Chengdu offers a very stable economic and social environment due to the hospitality industry boom with its large market, fast-growing economy, and prosperous businesses. People here are hard-working and professional. They are warm-hearted, caring, and optimistic with a passion for their jobs which provides foreign interns with a friendly and open internship environment.

Learn with locals to balance your internship and your life in Chengdu

One of the best parts of having an internship in Chengdu is that compared to other same-scaled cities, Chengdu has a much more relaxing atmosphere. Many other big cities in China grew too fast and have gradually lost their uniqueness and cultural and historical legacies. People there are always busy and rush to their offices every morning under the pressure of life. Whereas people in Chengdu have a well-equipped on balancing their work and personal lives.

parkYou can see tea houses, parks, and alleys everywhere in Chengdu. When you get off from your internship and walk home, seeing people with a relaxing smile walking at a leisurely pace on the old streets, will immediately drive all your fatigue and pressure away.

People in Chengdu are open-minded and friendly to foreigners. You will certainly feel more at ease and relaxed during your internship here.