We all get old after a time. When you are still young, you probably will spend your Saturday evening with going out partying and will spend half of the Sunday sleeping while doing your internship in China. But after a while, you will realize, that you start to feel just too tired and have just too less energy to go out at a Saturday evening and just prefer to go to bed at 10 o’clock in the evening. And of course, you will be up at Sunday morning at 8 o’clock and ask yourself, what you could do with the rest of the day. You recognise yourself in this description? Congratulations, you slowly start to get older! For everybody, for which this point is coming more early than lately while doing an internship in China or who just be interested in Chinese history, going to the Jinsha Museum in Chengdu is a nice place.


The Jinsha Museum (金沙博物馆) in the north-west of the city is a nice place to spend some time at a Sunday. The archaeological excavation was discovered by chance in 2001 during road constructions. Hidden in the earth were lying about 3.000 years old remains and artefacts of the ancient of the ancient Shu dynasty made out of jade, gold, bronze, stone and ivory.

Today, at the side of the archaeological excavation, there is standing the Jinsha Museum. The direct place of the excavation is roofed and next to it is the main museum building, where all the founded remains are exhibited in different exhibition halls and be open to the public. Around the museum side, there is also a very nice park, where you can just stay for a while and sitting on a bank and reading a book after visiting the museum.DSCN1314

You can get to the museum by taking the bus line 111, 7 or 83. The entrance is 80 RMB, but if you have a student card, the entrance will only be 40 RMB. The museum is open every day between 8 o’clock and 18 o’clock.