As you’re looking for an internship you might be desperately waiting for positive answers by mail. You’re sending everyday a lot of them and you feel like compared to all the mails you send you didn’t receive much, and some of them might refuse you unfortunately. But did you ever think that your dream internship could end up in your SPAM BOX?

Sometimes companies as you students have a personal e-mail address of this kind: /

As those e-mails address are kind of special and not the traditional Hotmail/gmail, your mails or the mails you receive can end up in the spam box. Would be too bad to miss an opportunity because of that.

So once you check your spam box there’s 2 options:

-There’s really only spams.

– There’s the mail you’ve been waiting for centuries.

For the option 2 it’s important then to not only read it, but to notify that this mail is not a spam, this way you help the company/student to make sure their mails reach the people interested and everybody is happy.

So now tell us a little bit more about your dream internship? Is it more in huge company or maybe in a 5 star hotel?