Congratulations !

You got your internship in China and its all very exciting! But it was the first step, now it’s time to prepare your arrival in China. If it’s your first time in China, you must to know some tips that can make your life easier here.

Ready? Let’s start:

 1)The weather

Chengdu weather is mild and humid all the year, featuring four clear-cut seasons – long and warm spring, short and sultry summer, cool and rainy autumn, cold and foggy winter.

The distinctive characteristic of Chengdu weather is fog and humidity, there are very few hours of sunlight per month. Summer is average 95°F(35°C) and winter is average 41°F(5°C).The rainy season is usually in July and August, with occasional storms.


As a rule, if you require large sizes it is highly recommended that you bring enough clothes according to the weather.


Most of what we would refer to as basic necessities, including medications, are available on the mainland. But, you must bring your specific medications (e.g., for hypertension, diabetes, etc.). You can find more thing about Chinese medicine here.

 4) Toiletries

They are widely available but in very limited variety. If you don’t live without a specific product, bring it in enough proportion for your duration.

 5) Money & Bank account

In China, you can withdraw money with a Visa card and a Mastercard. You must to take care about your agreement with your bank, and ask for the fees and the limit for withdraw.

If you stay during a long time, it’s better to open a bank account. It’s very simple to do that, you must to go in a bank with your passport. They will charge you 20RMB to open the account and make the bank card. With this card you can just withdraw money, but the money is not in your pocket and you can limit the fees.


In China, internet is censored. Most of the western website (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc…) doesn’t work. But, you can buy a V-P-N.

Also, the internet connection in China is not very stable. One day, it can be very fast whereas the next day it will very slow.

 7) Apps for your Smartphone

Before taking the plane, you are advised to download some free application for your phone :

  • « WeChat » : It’s like « Whatsapp », but everybody use it, more than sms. You can communicate with your country’s friends, your family and your new chinese’s friends in the same application.

  • « Pleco » : It’s a chinese dictionnary

  • « Baidu » : With the chinese blocking, all application around Google doesn’t work. But there is a Google’s chinese competitor which propose similar service. It has a browser, search engine and a map.

We hope this article was helpful for you. If you have others tips, we can you can post them here and  make you contribution. Leave us a comment to help others foreigners.