Thanks to the rapid development of the internet and mobile phone industry, the idea of a “sharing economy” is becoming a new trend and changing people’s lives in China. With a “sharing economy” you can have an easier and more convenient life during your internship in China.


Shared-Bike: Green Transport for Your Internship

There are 4 different companies dealing in shared-bikes now. More than 100,000 public smart bicycles are set to hit the pavements of Chengdu. It provides anew alternative for interns to get to short-distance sites instead of walking or taking a taxi. If you live close to your internship, shared-bikes are a must-try.

The model of shared-bikes is more convenient for interns compared to a traditional bike for rent. All you have to do is download an app and put a little bit money down for the deposit so you can get access to those bikes in 2 minutes flat!


New-Energy Car Sharing – One More Option to Travel Around the City During Your Internship

sharing carsThere are several new-energy car leasing companies in Chengdu: Pandauto has set up 52 leasing locations across the city, including Shuangliu International Airport and a number of tourist attractions, and they also plan to set up 50 more sites and put 3,000 more vehicles into service.

If you are doing an internship in China now and you have a driving license, you will really enjoy your journey with those new-energy cars which is so convenient to access.


The Best Tool to Receive, Saving You from Online Shopping

Local logistics company Spaster has platforms in residential communities that can keep people’s express mails in the sharing boxes, where people can easily receive their parcels.

When coming to China for your internship, you will find that the Chinese are crazy about online shopping. They buy everything online: food, clothes, books, etc. because it’s more convenient and cheaper.It can be hard for interns to shop online and receive packages without a strong command of Chinese; however, thanks to Spaster they can easily enjoy online shopping and live like a local while participating in an internship in China.


Enjoy the easy life and your internship in China!