On 21st of November, the State Council released the China’s public holiday schedule for 2020. Many people are preparing for next year, like the plan for working, studying, traveling or internship. Next year, we will have 5 days’ holiday in May and 8 days’ holiday in October which is longer than before. If you do an internship in China in 2020, you can visit a lot of cities during public holiday in China. Let’s take a look at the schedule.

1.January: New years Day and Spring Festival


New Year’s Day: 1 day off on January 1st

Spring Festival: January 24-30th, adjusted working days: January 19 and February 1

There’s only 1 day off in 2020. According to the relevant person who’s in charge of holiday schedule, the reason is that the New Year’s Day is close to Chinese New Year, the society is in a busy stage of work, production, learning, etc. Therefore, the New Year’s Day in 2020 will be one day off.

After Chinese New Year, most of companies will make a plan for recruitment, there will be a lot of job and internship vacancies release in February, this is the golden time to start an internship in China.


2.April: Qingming Festival

Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival): April 4th to 6th, a total of 3 days


3.May: Labor Day

Labor Day: 5 days off from May 1st to 5th, adjusted working day: April 26th and May 9th

The spokesman pointed out that Labor Day coincides with spring and summer, it’s the most beautiful time of the year, and many people hope to go out for sightseeing, visiting and leisure during the time. Considering this situation, the State Council decide to make a five-day holiday on Labor Day, which will help to better meet the diversified and diverse needs of the people.


4.June: Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival: June 25th to 27th, adjusted working day: June 28


5.October: Chinese National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese National Day & Mid-Autumn Festival: October 1st to 8th, adjusted working days: September 27th, October 10th

Mid-Autumn Festival in 2020 coincides with October 1 – Chinese National Day. According to the relevant holiday principle, the National Day holiday is 3 days and the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is 1 day. If the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival are coincidentally on the same day, the holiday will be 4 days, add up the weekend and adjusted two days off make a total 8 days.

The holiday schedule for 2020 is released! What are you waiting for? Let’s plan an internship in China!