“I’ve always been interested in Asian culture and I really want to come to Asia because China is such a growing country with a lot of internship opportunities!” Says Ruben from Holland who is currently doing his internship in a 5 star international in China.


The first impression of Chengdu

As a young student who grew up in Europe, everything in Chengdu is different from home. Ruben was a bit shocked by the unexpected rapidly developing city. “you can see many new modern buildings and they are still building many more of them. It’s iconic for Chengdu” In Ruben’s words” Chengdu is getting economically better” and he thinks it’s great to witness the fast development of the major city in China.


Do you enjoy working with your colleagues in China?Ruben with a colleague

With a smile on his face, Ruben said “it’s really great to work with Chinese colleagues. They are very respectful and patient. They give me a lot of help and good training.”

Ruben is also very happy to make friends with Chinese colleagues. They have brought a lot of fun to him after work. They always invite him to a hot pot or Chinese barbecue party which is really great for Ruben because he loves Chinese food a lot.


What’s the Challenge of an international internship?

“A bit challenge for me is the Chinese language. I can’t speak Chinese.It can be a bit difficult to communicate with the Chinese guests sometimes but we have guests from European countries and many business people from Shanghai or Hongkong who can usually speak English.Said Ruben, “but it’s not so hard as I thought at the beginning. I have learned some couple of Chinese words so that I can make clear of what I want or what I expect from the guests. Thanks to my Chinese coworkers, I got over it.”


What’s your favorite part of your internship?

After several minutes thinking, Ruben told us the best part of his internship in China is just the experience itself -Coming to China, experiencing the different culture, learning how to work in a hotel. Although he has been to some different countries in Europe. It was Ruben’s first time to China, everything is brand new to him and it’s great to be in a different environment, a different culture, to put himself out of comfort zone to explore news things.


What can you bring home after finishing your internship in China?

having a party“Idefinitely learned a lot while having a hospitality internship in China. I have learned how the hotel works, how the hospitality industry works in China.” Said Ruben, “as the culture is different, I really have learned how to deal with the culture difference. How to treat the guests in a different way and how it is to work in a hotel”.

Enjoy your internship in the food paradise in China!

In Ruben’s view, the food is really good in Chengdu. There are different snacks, hot pot, Chinese barbecue, etc.He loves to go to the restaurant and eat after work. It’s just like a food paradise.He also said, “I will definitely recommend my friends, my classmates who like Asia culture to come to China for their internship because I have a great experience here.”