Chengdu is a city with two sides:Modern and traditional. It gives you a plenty of choices for a wonderful night life to relax from your internship.

As night falls, Chengdu city light up, with a beautiful night view. Here comes the question, what’s your choice for the fantastic night? Drink beer with some other interns in a bar? Taste the authentic Chengdu hot pot with your Chinese friends? See the Sichuan opera performances in a teahouse?


Here are some tips for night life in Chengdu

1.Bars and night clubs.

If you are crazy for party, Chengdu has many famous bars and night clubs, Jiuyanqiao Bridge BarStreet and Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu are most recommended.picture yourself in a moon night and enjoy beer with couple of friends sharing your internship experience…


The most popular bar street

Jiuyanqiao Bridge Bar street is close to south Jiuyanqiao bus station. There are lots of bars along the Jinjiang river with beautiful river view and night scene. Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu is a hot spot for young people in the city. It has several upscale bars and clubs and huge dance-halls.

Beer Nest, Jelly fish and the Little Bar are also very popular for both Chinese and foreigners. Various beer festivals are held every year from May to October, attracting people from all over the world.


2.Enjoy one of the most famous food in China- Hot pot

Chinese has a special feeling for Hot pot, especially for local people in Chengdu; hot pot is not only a representative of the diet culture, but also the best thing for family and friends. They prefer to enjoy in the night with several friends, gather around a small pot. It’s kind of a social gathering, part of local culture to make life more lively and delightful

Never miss the best food option to explore the local culture and life style during your internship in Chengdu since hot pot is in every corner of this amazing city.


3.The combination for teahouse and Sichuan opera


Sichuan Opera performance

You can’t miss a visit to a teahouse in Chengdu, since the teahouse scene is said to be the key to the understanding of local culture and local people’s life. Better to try some local teas as well, such as Zhuyeqing and Maofeng. Popular teahouses for tourists to enjoy tea and Sichuan Opera are Shunxing Old Teahouse and Shufeng Yayun Teahouse

What a laxative thing to take a glimpse of the famous Sichuan Opera when you drink tea!

NO matter what’s your choice, I believe it would not be less interesting even just walking around downtown Chengdu at night, you can find a different look of the city, illuminated by lights. With the beautiful Sightseeing, you can feel very relaxed from your busy and internship in China.