The latest trend of animal cafés popping up all over the world, and China is no exception. Animal cafés provide a very different experience to your typical coffee shop visit, as customers can relax among cute animals and play with them. During your internship in China, if you want to kill time in a rainy Sunday afternoon, you can go to these cafes to have fun. Check out following great animal cafes in Chengdu.

1.Cats happy time顽猫幸福馆

Naughty cat cafe located in the city center of Chengdu, it’s very easy to find. The shopkeeper’s family have been doing business of cats for generations, and the latest generation has achieved the goal of raising more than one hundred cats. After three years of learning, the shopkeeper learned the experience of raising purebred cat and health & safety management of group cat keeping. In order to let more and more cat lovers to get close to cats, they opened this cat coffee shop. The room is big enough to accommodate hundreds of cats and dozens of people.

Price: 46 yuan/person

Address:No.1 Tidu street Xiongfei center 27th floor, Jinjiang district (Get off metro line 4 at South of Taisheng Road)

2.Doggy 狗咖主题咖啡屋

Doggy also located in the city center. They have Corgi, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Husky, and some other kinds of dogs. The dogs are well-trained and clever, you can touch them or conduct them to fetch something. The room is not so big as Cats happy time, but it’s clean and there is no bad smell. You just need to order a glass or juice or a cup of coffee, then you can play with the dogs, take photos and enjoy your time with them.

Price: 38 yuan/person

Address: South of Maan Road No.16, 201room, Qingyang District (Get off at Hongxing Bridge exit C, line 3)


3.Hedgehog cat cafe 有刺客刺猬猫咖

Hedgehog cat cafe was founded in 2019. There are eight African miniature hedgehog and eight cats. Different from the other pets cafes, they add hedgehog into theme cafe shop.

Comment: The hedgehogs are really cute, everyone has its own name. Some are very cowardly, some are very active. The waitress said the hedgehogs are very active at night, in the day time they will sleep, so the staff will let them rest in turns to have a decent break.

Price: 48 yuan/person

Address: No.42 Middle of Hongji Road, Jinjiang district (Get off at Niuwangmiao exit B2, line 2)

Now there are thousands of animal cafes in Chengdu, besides cats and dogs cafes, some other rare pets like hedgehog, alpaca, marmot and even duck also come into sight. If you are a pet lover, these places will be a good choice during your internship in China.