Hello there! Are you afraid of learning Chinese? Do you have major China culture shock in addition to not being able to speak the language? Well, boy, do I have some great suggestions for you!!! Here are a few tips to help you learn Chinese efficiently, which in turn will help you adapt to life in China. Learning a language is difficult, but with the help of these tips, it will be much easier!

1.    Make Chinese friends. Making Chinese friends will get you personally involved in Chinese people’s lives, and help you understand much more about Chinese culture. The language is a major reflection of the culture, so if you can get a good Chinese friend, you’re already on a winning path.

2.   Use Chinese sticky notes (with Chinese characters and pinyin) for things in your apartment or office. Stick them on objects so that you can see them all the time and become familiar with the names with minimal effort!

3.    Carry a little notebook around with you and use it to take notes of daily Chinese expressions, things that you particularly liked, and all sorts of useful phrases. Use it to write down the names of dishes as well! Then, when you go to restaurant, you can open your book, and actually make an informed decision about what you’re ordering, which will also blow the minds of your friends!

4.    Download some good language apps (e.g. Pleco, Google Translate, World Power), and use them to learn some new words every day.  Use the flash card feature to quiz yourself whenever you have a spare moment, on the bus, waiting in line. And of course use them when in need of translation.

5.    Try watching some Chinese movies and cartoons and listen to the Chinese music! Put yourself in a Chinese environment when alone. The Chinese cartoons can help you start learning some easy words. Also, trying to learn some simple Chinese songs will certainly help you master more words and expressions.

6.    Find a good Chinese tutor who can help you in a more structured way, and speed up your learning process!