Teahouse has been ranked as the public place for drinking tea, eating light refreshments, relaxation and entertainment since ancient times in China. If you want to experience a traditional part of Chinese culture that still exists today, there are the best teahouses in Chengdu you should try while doing internships here you can spend half day here with just a cup of tea and a plate of food to enjoy the cozy life in China.

Heming Teahouse

Heming Teahouse is located in People’s park at the heart of downtown Chengdu. This is the old teahouse with some years and is loved by local residents. Some foreigners enjoy reading books here with one cup of Gaiwan Tea and some snacks, which is really comfortable. This is probably the most famous and suitable teahouse among foreigners if you are looking to try the “slow” life of Chengdu while doing an internship in China.


Address: the People’s Park, Qingyang District (青羊区人民公园)

Price: 20 RMB per person


Daci Monastery Teahouse

This is the oldest place for sipping tea in Chengdu. Many elderly people play mahjong and cards and sip tea in this teahouse because of the cheap price.

Address: Daci Monastery, Dongfeng Road Yiduan, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Price: 12 RMB per person


Mi Xun Tea House

Mi Xun Tea House is a traditionally styled spa and tea house with a distinctly modern touch. Not only it offers a variety of tea, but also serves a light menu of deliciously vegetarian dishes based on the concepts of healthful diet of the Daci Monastery and drinks.

Address: No. 81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Price: 120 RMB per person


Chengdu people love playing mahjong, playing cards, talking about business and chatting in tea houses. If you want to explore the local’s life styles during your internship in China, pay a visit to 1 or 2 teahouses in Chengdu!