Get bored of hot pot or Kung Pao Chicken? Want to find something new to cheer up your taste buds? Let’s take an adventure of the most popular food in Chengdu among international interns today!

Top1. Chinese pancake (Jianbing)

You can buy Chinese pancake everywhere, such as the side of the road, community, bus station, etc. Generally speaking, Jianbing is a kind of Chinese traditional snack.

It’s a pancake based on eggs and you can put whatever you like in the egg roll, such as green vegetables, cucumber, bacon, ham, beef, chicken, etc. And you choose any sauce you prefer. You will find how amazing it is when you take a bite of the fusion of the food you like! It’s certainly a must during your internship in Chengdu.

Top2.Steamed Buns (Baozi)

It is the best option for breakfast during your internship in China. It can satisfy you no matter you are a meat or vegetable lover with its various flavors, such as beef, pork, chicken, cabbage, potato, mushroom. You can easily find stores to buy baozi at every concern in the city of Chengdu and it only costs 1Yuan each.

Top3.Chinese noodles

People in Sichuan have a special favor for noodles. They eat noodles for breakfast, for lunch and even for dinner. Don’t be scared away by the spicy looking otherwise you may miss one of the most delicious noodles in China: Wanzamian (Noodles with peas and meat sauce).It smells good and very tasty. Just don’t forget to tell the waiter no soup and not spicy!

Top4. Chinese milk tea- the most popular daily street drink in China among international interns.

Chinese milk tea is a tea-based drink that usually contains a mixture of with milk, fruit flavor and tea base. Now the sellers sometimes add other ingredients for extra flavor for example matcha, taro, and strawberries.

This is a very lovely drink for tea time at the internship in China. Besides, you can also add other flavor like fruit or use green tea or matcha powder instead of the black tea bag. Just play around and find your own favorite flavor.

The most popular Chinese milk tea store: A little Love

Highly recommend: Oolong tea Macchiato, matcha Latte, Black tea with Ice Cream

Did you find your favorite food in China? If you haven’t tried these snacks yet, give yourself a good treat to relax from the internship abroad and enjoy the life as the locals!