Business in Chengdu, China

With today’s economic status, China offers a lot of career opportunities in the business world. If you can’t find a nice place in your own country, consider an internship in Chengdu.

Traveling abroad for business internships in China will help future young professionals to apply their knowledge and skills in a developing Asian country.

Many schools and universities require their students to do an international internship as a part of their chosen bachelor’s degree with combination of a final research paper. An international internship will allow you to experience working and living in an Asian setting. It will make your future career more meaningful and productive for having the chance to learn the Chinese’s culture, business etiquette, and their Mandarin language which is widely use internationally.

Why do an internship in Chengdu?

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province located in the southwestern part of China. It is considered as one of the most important business centers in the country where you can find the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport which belongs to the top 50 busiest airports in the whole world. Chengdu has many consulates and international companies belong in the Fortune 500 companies.

The business communities in China are partnering with international universities to do researches on different aspects of their businesses. Chinese people are open-minded and very accommodating for students who have the passion to enter the business market.

Internship programs in Chengdu will expose the graduating students to experience the way of life, business process, and modernity in the city. The China’s state council considered Chengdu as the western center of science and technology, logistics, transportation, communication, finance, agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce. Chengdu is thereby known as the benchmark city for business investment in western China. The local government had been promoting the city to attract more domestic and overseas companies for service outsourcing to become popular in providing service outsourcing in the world.

Why get an internship abroad?

International internship will help you to improve your curriculum vitae and have more edge from other applicants. Internship is essential to get you ready in your chosen career while studying.

In the real business setting, you can earn work related experiences that will convince your future target employers to hire you. Through business internships in China, you will acquire new knowledge and new skills related to your company’s sector. You will become more familiar how the business world operates. It also strengthens your self-confidence to deal with people coming from other culture with different norms and values. Take note that the more people you know, the more chances to get ahead once you finish your internship.

Why choose the Chinese business world?

Working for a Chinese international corporation means more exposure on the highly structured business system. They bring corporate structures and corporate philosophies which you can use in the bigger companies for your future plans.  However, there are also many foreign SME’s and start ups businesses in the Chinese market. You can have your internship in these companies which could be possibly the next greatest company in the Chinese industry.

With China’s impressive performance in the business market, no doubt why many countries are establishing  business clubs in  most Chinese cities  in order to boost their  international trade and market presence.