As October is coming soon we are going to enjoy one of the year’s biggest vacation – the National Day .If you are an international intern in China this may be one of the few opportunities for you to have a relatively long time off work and you will have time to travel around.


The National Day is the celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which was on Oct.1, 1949 and we are going to have a 7 days’ vacation. Many Chinese would like to spend their vacation by travelling and it has created enormous pressure on China’s transportation. However, recent infrastructure development in Chengdu make moving around more and more easy this days :


qq%e6%88%aa%e5%9b%be20160930131943On July 31, with the departure of the train named Panda, the first phase of Chengdu Metro Line 3 officially opened. So far, lines number 1-4 of the city’s metro network have been open traffic. That means you can reach most of place you can to visit in Chengdu by subway easily without traffic jams. With line number 3 for example, you can get almost all the way to the panda research center- an unmissed during your internship in China.


wxid_bds8cepcwytn41_1475113103187_11The World Routes convention   took place September this year in Chengdu and by the end of August, Chengdu has launched 89 international/regional routes, and offered air service to 74 destinations in North America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and Asia, topping all central and western cities in China.

Also, with the 9 new regular direct flights to international routes it’s not a dream for our interns any longer to travel from Chengdu around Asia during your vacation for reasonable cost .


No matter where you choose to go, the convenient traffic network in Chengdu can satisfied your needs. So why not make a travel plan and pack your luggage now? let’s take a break from the internship and have a breath of fresh air.


As Chengdu becoming more and more international, things are changing on a daily basis and life in the city becoming more and more convenient, as one of the most preferred destinations for internship in China – as an interns in Chengdu you can really witness firsthand the rapid development of China.