Do you also know that? While doing your internship in China, it can be after a few months getting very boring. During the first months, everything is still new and very exciting. But after a while, you almost discovered every kind of food, every notable bar or club in the city and at work, you also know almost every process and every task by heart.

20160416_225515At this point, there will be coming some kind of thirst for something new and for some thrill, a thirst that only can be satisfied by blood. When you feel like, this kind of thirst is catching you up, the Monsters Fight Club is the right place for you – a manly place, where manly men doing very manly things, in a very manly manner. Everything totally manly!

Like the name already indicates, the Monsters Fight Club is a place for fights or to be more precise, for kick-boxing fights. The Monsters Fight Club has two floors. On the lower floor, there is a cage, where the fighters are holding their matches. On the second floor, you can stand on the balcony and watching the fight from above.

20160416_220309The fighters are semi-professionals and sometimes even just ordinary guys, who are fighting just with a very few rules for prize money. The fights will continue, until one competitor halts the fight. And the part with the blood is not even an exaggerated statement as between the rounds, there is a guy with a towel, who regularly have to wipe the blood on the ground, caused by broken noses. While watching the fight in the cage beneath you, you can enjoy your drink from the bar.

The fights are taking place every Friday and Saturday evening, but it is recommendable to go on Saturday, as there are the most exciting fights on this day.The monsters fight club is located in the Poly Centre Building D (保利中心D座) in the 4th. floor. When stepping out of the elevator, turn to the left and you will directly standing in front of the entrance. The door fee is 120 RMB per person. If you pay per WeChat, you can even save 20 RMB and the door fee will only be 100 RMB.