Chinese culture is very different from western countries. So, when western students think about doing an internship in China, it takes time to think it twice before making decision.

An international experience in China might help you to identify your strengths and, of course, test the waters before deciding your future career. Today, we are going to talk about the way of doing internship in China so you can get used to work style after coming to China.

1. Try your best to get involve yourself into the new environment.

You’ll never enjoy your life in China if you don’t get yourself into the new environment. The meaning of doing internship abroad is to learn the difference between countries to countries, better understand the culture and people and gain international experience. You may find there are so many differences comparing to your own country, you’ll suffer from culture shock, but please give yourself some time to get used to it, after this stage, you will find real happiness in the new land.


2. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

You may be confident at your work ability and talent in your industry before your internship in China, but it’s better to forget what you have achieved when you start an internship abroad. Each country and each company has its own way of business, way of operating, key terms to know, and skills that you must master to really be a standout in your office. Only when you memorize the proper terms, study the internship curriculum, and continue to learn do you start to stand out.

As a fresh social man, talent is important, but the only way to improve, is to constantly focus on refining your skills. Stay hungry, stay foolish.

3. Seek out opportunity to help.

There are times during your internship in China where it appears that there is nothing left for you to do. If you want to take on new challenges, you can go around the office and ask what you can help with. You may find it surprisingly, you are able to take on new assignments and exciting tasks that would not have been offered to you unless you make the effort to request them.


Doing an internship abroad especially in a completely different country is not an easy decision. Once you make this decision, do not hesitate! Give a chance for the country and also for yourself! You will be glad that you stay after the hard time.