Since I had traveled so much before going to China for an internship abroad experience and met people from different cultures at work, I thought no culture could possibly put me into a cultural chock, but I was completely wrong about that.

Doing an internship in China was a deep cultural chock for me and I had a difficult time adapting to it. Absolutely everything is different here than back home in Scandinavia, from supermarkets to walking on the street, food, metro, payment methods at shops, workplaces, oh and the language.



I was seriously thinking about leaving the country, but I thought I should give China a chance, and I am glad I did. I am not sure what change my mindset to actually love China and the craziness of it, but it can be the fact that I met wonderful people here and that I learnt to accept the differences here and to adapt to them. I am actually enjoying my stay here so much now that I am thinking about staying here for a longer time.


I would say life in Chengdu is fun. Almost every day I do something spontaneous, which would not happen back home. I am learning new things about China and my internship in China has taught me valuable lessons about how business works in here, which I believe will be a big plus in my resume.


I highly recommend an internship in Chengdu since the culture here is still much authentic compared to other big cities in China. Chengdu also has plenty to offer such as nightlife, shopping, culture, pandas, food, friendly people and beautiful nature not too far away from the city center.