The World’s Most-watched Television ShowChinese New Year Gala

If you ask your Chinese colleagues and friends what they do on the eve of the lunar New Year, they will tell you to watch the Spring Festival gala.While Lunar New Year celebrations may be best known for food, fireworks and family reunions, in China the holiday is also epitomized by a single TV show. Interns who are doing internship in China must watch this new year’s gala.

The CCTV New Year’s Gala, also known as the Spring Festival Gala, and commonly abbreviated in Chinese as Chun wan , is a Chinese New Year special produced by China Central Television (CCTV). Many channels have the gala, but Chinese people still prefer the CCTV gala. If you are intern in China , you can watch this channel.

Since 1983, viewing at least part of the Spring Festival Gala on the state-run CCTV, has been a national tradition. As the Chinese New Year’s Eve is the time for the family gathers, the typical situation involves a large 3-generation family gathered in front of their TV set.The Gala creats a mood of celebration in the house while people laughing, discussing and enjoying the performance. Do you wanna feel the atmosphere of the most important festival in China? If you are intern in China during the Spring Festival, don’t miss the chance to experience the atmosphere of Spring Festival !

The Most Watched TV Program in the World

Chinese New Year Gala, is a live TV program broadcasted on CCTV to celebrate the turn of the Lunar New Year. Since the first edition was broadcasted in 1983, the program has developed to more diverse performances. With billions of viewers, it is the most watched TV program for entertainment in China. In 2018, the audience figures reached 700 million viewers. It is already a ritual for Chinese families to watch the TV gala after their reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Families usually enjoy watching the arts and performances from the show.

A 4.5 Hours Long Variety Show

Starting at 20:00 and airing until around 00:30, the gala is usually directed and hosted by four to six presenters from CCTV channels, such as Zhu Jun, Dong Qing, Sa Beining and Li Sisi. Generally, the TV show is composed of eight main categories, including musical songs, dancing, cross-talk, sketches, martial arts, acrobatics, magic games, traditional opera and drama.If you are intern in China ,you can watch these wonderful programs with the local people,it must be an unforgettable memory. All the performances in the TV program are well selected from all walks of life, which reflect the best part of Chinese arts and culture. As the most watched television event, it is the most powerful medium to promote inherited culture and tradition.

More Interactions with Audiences

The interaction with audiences is stressed more and more. During the live gala, people can receive online red envelopes by shaking their phones when watching the program. There are also channels for audiences to express their own ideas and comments towards the gala, such as voting on “My Favorite New Year’s Gala Act”. People can also submit their own videos of Chinese New Year celebrations to the live program. If you’re doing an internship in China, you can also participate in the interaction as an audience !