It was so excited to get an internship offer from an international company in China but you may have a lot of questions and worries before taking on this adventure, so let’s put your worries away one by one:


  1. What type of Visa do you need to apply for an internship in China?

In general, students who are coming to China for an internship supposed to get letter of invitation from the host company and apply for a business visa (F or M type) for 1 month and extend it in China if need be, but as the Chinese bureaucracy is working, in some cases interns can only apply first for a simple tourist visa and change it to business visa when arrival to China with host company documents.

Please note, Work visa (Z type) is for only for foreigners who apply for working in China instead of doingan internship.


  1. Where to buy the cheapest flight tickets to China?

There are a lot of cheap flight options especially for students and graduates , Interns can search for cheap flights online, for example, you can find some cheap tickets through”” or “”. It’s not necessary to purchase a flight through an agency in your home country.


  1. Plug converter is necessary

It’s better to prepare the appropriate adaptors before flying to China for your internship. It would be a mandatory thing for your phone or computer. If you forget to buy it, you can also find it in Walmart in China or in any computer market.


4.Cash exchange

money exchangeIt’s better to bring some cash with you before arrival as people in China still –most business and purchasing is made in cash and not with credit card.  Your international credit card such as Visa or Master card will not have much use in restaurants or shops. You can change Chinese currency in banks or in the airport. Also, you can withdraw money from the ATM in China and most of them accept Visa or Master card.


  1. Sim card

There are several sim card providers in China: China mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom. The best option for foreign interns is China Telecom as it has a reasonable price and the internet speed is the fastest. It’s not very hard to apply; you only need bring your passport and choose the proper package you would like to purchase. Usually, foreigninternscanchoosethecheapestpackageasit’smorethanenoughforbasiccallingandinternetneeds.


       6. WI-FI connection in China

Thanks to the rapid development of the internet and mobile phone industry, Wi-Fi is almost every where in China. You can easily find free WI-FI in the airport or even very small restaurants in China. Foreign interns will have WIFI in your accommodation.


  1. About medical care

It is important to arrive to China with international medical insurance that will cover you for any accident or sickness:

  • global doctorYou can go to a local hospital which is cheap but it’s better to have your Chinese friends with you who can help you do the translation.
  • You can go choose “global doctor” as doctors there can speak English.

Which is a little bit expensive but your insurance can you help you cover a big part of it

  • You can find some good clinic opened by some foreigner doctors in China


  1. Insurance for your internship in China

Concerning the insurance to China for a 3-6months internship, it’s a mandatory thing but it won’t be expensive. Interns can purchase any kind of insurance as long as it can cover your internship duration in China such as medical insurance or tourist insurance.


Now you can start packaging and booking tickets to China for your internship!