You will never get bored of your life in China during your internship. On the contrary, the time is never enough for the countless interesting places to check out. In this case, you must learn to find the best options for yourself. If you are thinking about learning Chinese history by visiting some good museums, read the information as below which can really save you from the struggle of which one to Choose.


NO.1 Jinsha Site Museum

Jinsha site museum is a must for international interns to explore Shu culture. It was discovered by chance in 2001 during road constructions which was the capital city of ancient Shu dynasty.

The Museum is located beside the site. You can see the remains and artifacts of ancient Shu dynasty made out of jade, gold, bronze, stone and ivory over 3000 years old there.

Ticket: 80 RMB

Open Hour: Tuesday-Sunday, 9:00—17:00

Address:No.2, Jinsha Site Rd


NO.2 Wuhou Shrine Museum

Wu hou Shrine Museum_The Museum is in located in Wu Hou Shrine of Chengdu. With its rich cultural accumulation, it attracts Millions of tourists every year and has gained a reputation as the Sacred Place of the Three Kingdoms. It’s also the world most influential museum of Three Kingdom site.

Wuhou Shrine Museum is also close to Jinli, the typical ancient street in Chengdu which is a good option for interns to see the Chinese ancient architecture and try some local snacks after visiting Wuhou Shrine Museum.

Ticket: 60 RMB

Open Hour: Monday-Sunday,08:00-18:00

Address:No.231, Wuhouci Ave


No.3 Yongling Museum

Yong lin_Yongling Museum is a mausoleum constructed by the emperor of Former Shu(907-925AD), in which there is the stone carving orchestra in Tang Dynasty

It is a good option for Interns who are interested in both history and music.

Ticket: 20RMB

Open Hour: Monday-Sunday,09:00~17:00

Address: Yongling road, Sandongqiao, northwest of Chengdu


No4. Sichuan Museum

MuseumSichuan Museum is a comprehensive museum with local characteristics that now collects more than 260000cultureal relics, among which there are over 50000 national precious ones.

It’s the most innovative museum in China with 14 exhibition halls, including paintings and calligraphy, ceramics, bronzes, national cultural relics, arts and crafts, Tibetan Buddhism, Han Dynasty Taoist art and other 10 permanent exhibition Halls and there are four temporary exhibition halls.

It’s a good place gain a deep insight of Chinese culture especially Shu culture during your internship in China.

Ticket: Free (need to bring your passport to get free ticket)

Open hour: Tuesday- Sunday,9:00-17:00

Address: 251 South Huanhua Road

If you are doing an internship in Chengdu, the city of museum, do not miss the opportunity to have a date with those extremely fantastic museums! I believe they will surprise you!