One of the most probable main reasons, why people like to do a paid internship in China is, that you probably also like to travel. And in fact, Chengdu is one of the best places in China to travel, as here are some of the most amazing destinations Chinas to visit. One of these destinations is Jiuzhaigou (九寨沟), which is suitable for people, who likes to get out of the city and to enjoy nature and beautiful landscapes as well as for people, who are a little interested in Tibetian culture.

DSCN1225Jiuzhaigou as a UNESCO world natural heritage and is located in the north of the Sichuan province in China. Jiuzhaigou literally means „Nine Village Valley“. The name is referring to the nine ancient Tibetian villages, which are located is this valley. But the villages are not the reason, why Jiuzhaigou is that popular and worldwide famous. It’s much more the valleys breathtaking and beautiful landscape with its mountains, waterfall and several blue, turquois and green shimmering lakes, in which the water is that clear, that you even can point out details of tree trunks on the ground of the lakes.


The area of Jiuzhaigou includes an area of 72.000 hectare and has a total length of about 50 km. Inside the valley, there are several bus stops so you can comfortably take the bus to go from one interesting viewpoint to another or just leave the bus and wander from lake to lake and then get into the bus on another point.


DSCN1148Jiuzhaigou is a beautiful place to travel at every time of the year. In the summer, the clear blue lakes are surrounded by green forests, in the winter, the landscape of Jiuzhaigou is turning into a snow fairytale with iced waterfalls, which are turning into impressive ice sculptures and in the fall, the landscape is turning with it’s in all radiant coloured trees and it’s clear blue shimmering lakes into a blaze of colours.


If you want to go to Jiuzhaigou, you can go by plane from the Chengdu airport with a flight of about one hour. If you don’t have enough money to effort a one-way ticket up to 1000 RMB, it’s also possible go by bus passing through the mountains of Sichuan in an 8 hours trip. Busses depart every day from the Xinnanmen (新南门) or the Chadianzi (茶店子) bus station and a one way ticket will cost depending on the bus between 90 and 150 RMB. It’s also recommendable already to buy a two way ticket so you can relax and won’t have the trouble to get a ticket, when you are already in Jiuzhaigou.


Please also don’t forget to bring your student card, if you have one! The entrance for the park will be much cheaper and you will only have to spend 110 RMB instead of 200 RMB.

You can book a room in a hotel or hostel in advance. The Friendship Hostel is a good place to stay as the price for one night is only about 50 RMB, the rooms are neat and clean and the very nice and good English speaking staff will give you a lot of good advices for your day trip.



If you are one of that lucky person, who got even more than 3 days time to travel, you may also consider to connect your trip to Jiuzhaigou with a visit of the Huanglong national park, which is very near to Jiuzhaigou and offers the visitor several chalk trasses all over the park, which are filled with blue water coming out of the mountain and falling from chalk trass to chalk trass is several small waterfalls.

On the way back, you can also visit Songpan and book a tour on horses with a local guide, who will lead you through the mountains of Sichuan to some from the civilization isolated villages.