It will be so excited to get on the plane to China for your dream internship! However, the more than 10+ hours flight can be boring and annoying if you are not well prepared. Check out some tips below to make your trip as pleasurable as possible.


  1. Seat selection can be important for a long flight from Europe to China

Most airlines can let you choose the seat during the ticket purchasing process. Don’t let yourself stuck in the middle seat. A window seat is the best sleeping position no one will disturb you during the whole flight to your dream internship destination. Moreover, you can enjoy the high-altitude view from Europe to China. If you want to have a full range of motion, the aisle seat is the best option for you.


  1. Prepare some Snacks to “rescue” yourself from the airplane food

Airplane food won’t be too bad to eat but you cannot have too many food choices on a plane if you dislike it. Therefore, it’s better to prepare some snacks in advance which maybe a “lifesaver” when you are starving but do not want airplane food.


  1. Movies and games on your phones are the boredom killer

You cannot keep sleeping for more than 10hours on the airplane and the limit space in the plane means you cannot have too many options for entertainment activities. Therefore, one favorite book, several good Movies on your laptop or games on your phone are very helpful to kill the boring time before you arrive at your dream country for your international internship.


  1. Movement is also necessary during a long flight to your dream internship destination!

Moving regularly has many benefits on the long flight on the way to your internship in China. Such as reducing stiffness, and passing the time. You can see some people doing tentative squats in the unused space at the back or middle of the plane. Remember to keep it quiet and gentle, it is not a good idea to wake up all the sleepy people in the plane.


  1. Have a Chinese introduction class on the flight to get better prepared for your internship in China.

It’s better to catch up some basic knowledge of China before arrival. It doesn’t mean you need to be very good at Chinese language speaking or know everything about Chinese Culture. Just In order to be better prepared for your internship in China. You can choose something easy and necessary to learn. For example, you can watch some short interesting video about Chinese custom and culture on YouTube or download some apps such as Pleco to learn some survival Chinese words.


Keep in mind that you have nothing but time. Try to do everything in slow motion and enjoy the feeling of not having to rush anywhere. You are on your way to an amazing internship in China and cultural experience!