What a weird topic you might say? But you’ll see that during your internship here in China having access to your mail can be complicated especially if you need VPN in order to do so. I can tell you that VPNs even if you pay for them are not always reliable! And there’s nothing more annoying than knowing that you received an important mail regarding your bank account, school or other and not being able to first read it and answer to it.QQ截图20160401112521

As you might know in China there’s the “Firewall”. It blocks a lot of different websites! And there’s one major mail you might be using that is blocked and it’s Gmail!

So what is working in china? Obviously Chinese mails like:

yahooQQmail: It’s the most common one, you can create an account and don’t worry you can have it in English

126.com: This one is fully in Chinese

Yahoo.cn: you can have a yahoo mail and create it in English and there’s no problem

But there’s as well one famous one that you might have all used once in your life:  HOTMAIL

hotmailSo here in China you can use Hotmail. It’s not blocked by the firewall, but I still have another advice to give you! Each time you go abroad Hotmail thinks of the security of your mail and will send you a code to check if it’s really you or not. If you linked your 1st Hotmail to gmail for example to get that code, you end up being stuck anyway! And if you linked your Hotmail to another Hotmail you’ll have to unlock that other Hotmail as well.

So if you choose this kind of security you better link your Hotmail to another mailing box that works in China as well and other countries.

You can obviously choose as security mode to send the code to your mobile phone, that’s what works the best, until the moment your phone works as well. So if you’ve noticed in advanced some problems with your phone regarding network and things like this, you better check all this before coming to China.

Now I believe you’re ready to get your internship in China and avoid those little adventures others might have experienced before you.