Referring the reason, he chooses China for his internship, Lupu told us “I have never been to China and I’m always curious about Chinese culture, plus I want to learn Chinese hospitality markets.” As a young student majoring in international hotel management from Romania, Lupu dose a great job and benefits a lot from his hospitality internship in a 5-star hotel in China.

What do you think of the hotel you are interning with?

With a confident smile on his face, Lupu said” the hotel group which I am working for is called Hyatt and it’s an America brand with a very long history in China. They have around 400 rooms, and a lot of F&B outlets. The hotel where I’m interning is in a good location with a high-end quality. It’s one of the best hotel chains in China.

Do you enjoy working with your Chinese colleagues?

When talking about his colleagues, Lupu said” I enjoy working them a lot. Although I had some communicating programs sometimes, I’m getting along with my colleagues very well. I’m doing some English training for them. I think it’s fun and enjoyable.” Lupu also told us he likes to hang out with his colleagues after work and they are very friendly and enthusiastic!

What’s your favorite part of your internship in China?

In Lupu opinion, one of the best parts of his internship is to make new connections and to meet new people who can help him develop his future career. Meanwhile, he is very excited that he be more social and go out with different people under different cultures moreover, to explore the new places in the city. To make new friends from all over the world is a great part of the internship in China!

What can you bring home after your internship in China?

After several minutes thinking, Lupu said “after I finish my internships in China besides some Chinese goods and some Chinese gifts, I’ll bring my classmates and friends a big bag of knowledge. I’ll tell them how it’s an internship in China and what experience did I make, what did I learn here.”

Grab the opportunity and enjoy your internship in China!

“I’ll tell the future interns do not hesitate to come to China because this is a good opportunity. Everything is done promptly and professionally. They don’t need to worry about anything. With the internships visa, you won’t have any problems. I will tell them to go for it because this is a very good experience which you won’t forget.”