With a great expectation of the career opportunities, unique cultural experiences, and the scenic views, many international students are looking for an internship in China. And, likewise, Chinese hotels and companies are searching for those excellentinterns to further assist them.

Why Intern in China?

Many of you might be wondering why you should travel so far for an Internship in China– a country which is thousands of miles from home?

It betters you as a person.

Experiencing a new culture opens your eyes to new things – new ways of life, new foods, and even a new language. By engaging in the Chinese culture first-hand, you are able to better understand what they do differently and why they are doing the things they do.

And, it is through these personal experiences that your mind becomes open to new ideas – helping you be more accepting and more creative.

It enriches your resume.

Internship abroad adds something incredibly unique to your resume – something that not many people will be able to add to theirs.

Through an internshipin China, you gain a knowledge of that culture that can only be obtained through experience it yourselves.

It does not only make you a more desired employee but also make you a major asset to the company.

If you do a business internship in China, you could better help your future company with their Chinese market as you have a better understanding of Chinese business environmentand how things work there. Or if do the internship in the hotel, you will be the one who knows how to deal with Chinese guests when you go back to Europe!

We are in a world where millions of people are trying to get jobs, many of whom have the same academic background, it is all about the unique factor you can add to your resume. An Internship experience in China is one of those unique factors which help you to stand out!