During your internship you might face the internet firewall! He’s your new friend, the one that doesn’t let you use Spotify or go on youtube and other western social media in general! And then you feel as lost as when you don’t know how to explain to the taxi driver where you want to go.  Of course VPN can help you to fix this, but sometimes internet is a bit capricious and VPN won’t work.

Closeup of executive leaning back with eyes closed and hands behind head

Closeup of executive leaning back with eyes closed and hands behind head

It would be crazy to think that Chinese people don’t listen to music or doesn’t use any social media! In your everyday life you’ll have the chance to know more about those or have some knowledge about it in your article of the week.

You might then say, yes but they don’t have my music. You’ll be surprised to see that there’s a lot of music in the wonderful application QQ music!

And this is the topic of our day! QQmusic is like Spotify for western countries, but with a little bit more options! You can listen one artist, listen to the full album, but you also have their music videos or even some of their live in this application!

QQ截图20160322161033As you can see it’s all in Chinese! No need to panic! We always find ways without understanding it all!

  1. If you want to listen to some western music like for example the last fifth harmony song, you just have to type in the search bar. And for this no need to speak Chinese!
  2. You want to discover some Chinese music? Well you have it all in the menu! And a simple translation application will help you to know how to say the name of it.
  3. Korean pop? Japanese rock? You have it all and obviously you have more music than what you could find on our western platforms, wouldn’t you be happy to find the full album of an Asian group you follow but who just upload their main title on youtube?


woman at station listening to music with mobile

woman at station listening to music with mobile

 Let’s learn some Chinese vocabulary :

音乐馆 /yin yue Guan : Main Menu

歌手/geshou artist: singer男歌手/nan geshou: male singer 女歌手/nu geshou:female singer

专辑/zhuanji: album

MV: music video.

我的音乐/wo de yin yue:my music (if you create an account you have all your music registered there).

下载客户端 /xiazaikehuduan:download application.

发现 /Fa xian:Find,research

最近播放/zuijinbo fang:recently played

Some countries in order to know from where is the music you might listen to :

韩国/ hanguo :Korea

日本/ riben :Japan

美国/meiguo : USA

英国/yingguo :England

So you can download the application in all the platforms that you want! You’re not obliged to create an account at all to listen to music and there’s not as much adds as Spotify that will make you remember to get the premium account.

You’ll see that starting to use QQ music is exciting! Like when you create for the first time your Twitter account and you don’t know how It’s supposed to work!

So just download your new music app and there’s no firewall to block you there! Now you can enjoy your stay in China with music!

Wait share? Of course you can do it… To the most useful and used application in China: WeChat!


Let’s just finish with the songs recently listened by some SII staff members and interns:

A love that will last René Olstead – the princess diaries 2

Try everything – Shakira

雨中のきらめき– Lamp of terren

High and dry – Radiohead

私奔- 郑钧(Sībēn- zhèngjūn)

The pusher- Steppenwolf

Devils been talkin – NEEDTOBREATH

Bird set free – Sia